Does this look ok in IE?

Use a client saying her site looks almost all misaligned in IE 7/8/9. Then again I see that fine on almost all planes (tried IE 7/9, Firefox 4/5, Chrome 13). Had added people check them out, they all article it looks fine overall their browsers. So we’re possibly not entirely sure why the customer is seeing that incorrectly.

The client notion maybe it had something related to his large display resolution (1440 a 900) but I’ve tried various resolutions and it continues to appear fine. I dont think that would lead on the way that he’s seeing it erroneous anyway.

Was hoping some people here could possibly say if this looks ok as well as not in IE, so you can easliy get a bigger picture of the best way often/which browsers it isn’t really displaying correctly.

Website link:
http: //www. blackburnstest. com/bwf_test/

This is the screenshot the purchaser took of how he could be seeing it:
http: //i. imgur. com/JtgC4. jpg
Definitely doesnt look resolution-related.

Regardless, can I try to get some yay as well as nays here if looks good for you in the prevalent browsers and which often versions Thanks much ahead of time!

It’s IE7 (IE9 inside compatibility view can show it) that is your problem, but in cases like this, it’s not IE this screwed it ” up ” (even though it’s on your own that shows the actual error).

The width of this leftfloat and wheelfinder divs (or the wheelfinder div + margin) is above the width on the content div. Your current content div is definitely 940 pixels extensive. The wheelfinder div (534) + leftfloat div (411) = 945 pixels huge.

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