Does this require CSS, Java, or Flash? I apologize if I sound like a fool!

Without doubt Guys!

This is this first post and I hope you are not a lot of sharks that are after my hemorrhaging appendages. I need some guidance with a current web design project which i am doing.

The positioning itself is your fixed framing regarding about 800 times 600 pixels.
At the bottom of the site there are actually six navigation switches.
The 6 switches trigger a SMALLER SIZED inset frame in the center of the site style and design.

How does someone achieve the following

When the user highlights one of these navigation buttons, the next happens:

The navigation button font variations colors and represents a sound signifying hover, and a sub-menu stretches above revealing sub-catgeories with the user to pick.

ONCE A sub category can be SELECTED,
The next happens:

Information from the little INSET window CHANGES


The background from the " HOST" web page, carrying the frame with changing articles, FADES SMOOTHLY right into a different set photo. (The portions from the website that are BEHIND the text message information frame. )

Id prefer to avoid using flash absolutely, so if creating a sound means flash id rather do without.

Really does this make sense
If anyone can help Id be therefore thankful!
employ a happy day!


If you want to avoid Flash, i believe you can use most of this with CSS and also jQuery. I am not so sure about that sounds though…

It is possible to achieve the routing hover effects along with CSS (im uncertain how to carry out the sounds). And than use jQuery to the background effects. It shouldn’t be too difficult.

The bigger question is if you have to cater to MOST OF browsers (including ie6).

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