Downloadable content set up?

Find out how to set up yuor web blog so that visitors be capable of download (or print) recorded content

Thanks beforehand!

If you result in a link to a document (such like a. doc) the visitor are going to be prompted to download it once they click the website link. If you mean at a database, then I have no idea of as I’ve for no reason tried/looked into this. Alternatively you may upload the file to somewhat of a site like MediaFire and connect to the download page on your site.

What exactly RiDunne said is definitely exactly right. But you can also find programatic ways for making files downloadable which have the following features:

A SINGLE. The true location on the file cannot be determined by the actual downloader.
3. The download file name should not be just as the real archive name.
3 OR MORE. It will power a " Save-as" in all circumstances. (And under no circumstances directly open it).

When interested, google content-type get stream language. (Where language is the programming language appealing, for example, ASP. net sale and PHP. )

The simpler option might be a print stylesheet.

Or for all of us non programmers, there are actually " file depository" scripts available for free.

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