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Without doubt everyone. Newbie to all these forums here and Relating to a question.

I’m a freelance freelance web designer and I just got the latest contract. My Client commenced making her web-site in Dreamweaver by employing one of Dreamweaver’s web themes and got sick and tired of it and thought to hire a developer to finish (that’s me). Challenge is, when starting her site, my Client didn’t define a brand new site in Dreamweaver and all her files are all over the place (spread within ONLY TWO different folders) plus her links will be all absolute rather than site-root relative.

I was asking yourself if anyone knows of the best way to deal with that. After creating a brand new site in Dreamweaver, is there anyway to import inside web files and have Dreamweaver automatically move many of the files that your imported file requires and change all of the links accordingly Or perhaps does anyone know of an easy method to go concerning solving this problem

Thanks ahead of time!


Least complicated way… If her links actually are correct

Develop a new site… Dump every one of her files towards this folder… After that run the re-cache selection…

After that’s done… You will be able to move files and folders… And DW may update the backlinks… How do you realize if it’s working Once as well as cache has recently been created… Create a single file.. On the foundation of the web-site… Create several links to other information… Save it…

Then move it to your different location… DW should prompt you update links Declare yes… Once its moved… Open the idea up and check the links was re-written… Eithr the correct paths…

As long as they updated, then you happen to be good, if not really, from the update site form… Re-cache once again.

Should you try moving anything with building a site cache… DW won’t understand that the links ought to be re-written.

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