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Acceptable, I should probably be asking this in one of the programming language areas, but i can’t and you will probably understand once my partner and i ask the question.

Quite simply, i’m trying to determine how i may possibly inplement a video or a line videos that needs to be watched before you possibly can continue onto the subsequent page(for advertising purposes). If possible, which i’m not sure if it is usually, make it thus this video will probably only play when the tab in which it really is on, is that active tab. I’m new to website development and using dreamweaver cs5, but i’m pretty sure until this will take some kind of coding as post doubt it’s already a part of the dreamweaver application.

Help greatly, GREATLY, liked.

don’t realize how to do it lisenced users wise, but why don’t you consider having a " major code" at the final of the film the fact that viewer has that will enter to enable the link to the next page, a bit such as on software installations
you may also disable controls about the video so the actual viewer can’t lug the progress bar towards end thus accelerating the video


Lol999 — Thanks, got them cleaned up.

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