Dreamweaver To Firefox Ratio Problems! I Think…

Good day,
We are new to web site design. I created a website in dreamweaver. The top part has a corporation flash banner. The tabs all have got links to different pages. In dreamweaver. ONLY TWO questions.
ONE. When I previewed the property page in Firefox the flashbanner had a gap between the bottom on the space and this slice immediatly under it. Funny thing is there’s no gap on opera, chrome as well as safari. Does anyone realize why and how we can fix this
ONLY TWO. Not an important question but, I want to be sure the pages are generally all linked together once about the host like they’re locally. I couldnt figure out how to do the full upload FTP factor with Dreamweaver so i did it with Filezilla, that is what GoDaddy suggested anyways. Plus its more visual and so easier for our brain to place my head all-around. Anyways,,, If I simply drag and drop your whole root folder straight into host will your links still website link together
What about excess stuff around my assets folder Is that a problem

Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Especially the whole firefox issue.

If you are links are comparative links (meaning from the form < the href=" thispage. html" > ) then you’ll definitely be fine.

If your back links are absolute links and a great deal of what Dr*amw*av*r outputs (meaning belonging to the form < the href=" C: \Documents as well as Settings\Administrator\My Documents\This Will be My Site\thispage. html" > then you’re going to have problems.

Excess stuff is generally not an excellent, but it’s likewise generally not an issue either unless you’re with it and it collides somehow with other goods (e. g. a couple of jQuery versions).

As far as your gap is going, what you’ll are related is upload it and so, provide a hyperlink in order that we can observe what you’re referring to. The problem with solving an issue like the one you’ve described is the fact there about a million possible things which may go wrong. So upload the item and show us where its (we normally you should not allow links, but so, we need to).

Ok Thanks a great deal of for the easy response. I am uploading now but will take a sec cuz im going through my phones cellular hotspot. Please remain posted.

Thanks to the patience
Dont know in the event the links work now I uploaded the necessary files to help you to see what Instant messaging talking about
try opening the item in chrome or another browser then wide open it in firefox

I guess this is what I get for not knowing a new lick of HTML

Also for those who have any other suggestions they’d be greatly treasured

This is crazyness. Now I detect that chrome has fitting issues with the slices round the tabs on the left, but opera displays it more or less perfect. Except the expensive isnt animated nevertheless im assuming its on account of my slow relationship

Did I pass up it or is there no link
it could be extremely helpful in the event that we had a check out the site consequently we could have a look…
Dreamwesver as well as flash: 2 unfortunate occurances combined, lol!

Post the backlinks so we can you’ll find the site!

Oh you now need a link.. what kind of web guy are you currently. Kidding.
Here sorry about that
http: //www. marigro. com/sitedreamweaver/homepage/homepage. html

The reason why whats wrong with Dreamweaver. ive heard reasons for flash but little about dreamweaver. Im assuming you know what your carrying out (html). I obviously dont, is there another option for a noob
Im working upon code but at the same time…..

Another factor I noticed can be its kinda large. But I just used similar dimensions that another individual from that company used for someone else of their web sites. www. circleofstars. com

This is a non-Flash site. To ensure the dimensions you see could be different than your dimensions others find.

The big problem with Dr*amw*av*r is that it creates fat, inefficient, incorrect code and promotes harmful habits. The best thing you can use is learn how to code things quickly and then be worried about the graphic goods after (foundation, then add. )

Obtainable, you’re also applying all images. Images aren’t designed to be resized. It is advisable to use text to get text… and pictures for images. That right there’s your issue.

Effectively, that would be web GAL

But Game is definitely right – applying images for text is a big mistake both equally for future editing purposes and for SEO.

I’d advise you to go to www. circleofstars. com and click on " View Source" – check out their code and see what sort of site is organised, maybe copy this code into your current editor and play by it to see precisely how it goes collectively.

MY SPOUSE AND I don’t really suggest DW, see Game’s place, it really says everything, but if an individual edit in Rule View and refresh to your browser (hit F12 in Chrome, CTRL + F12 in IE) you need to be OK.

Then open a brand new page and see if you can build a similar structure in your site.

CAVEAT – will not just replace the stuff into their code with the ones you have – you’ll learn a small amount of that way and regardless it’s cheating, therefore… take some moment and play with it, and come back here for additional help when you will have made a start on that.

Its all a jpeg. also the text has been written in illustrator then optimized affordable.
So am i allowed to fix it basically just get the code right and also am a doomed to get a redo
In addition you mean internet. circleofstars. com is a non flash internet site right
I dont understand if you say the volume I see are not the ones other see. Are talking about perceptual size or the exact size firefox pronounces it is
Theyre both equally 1696 x 1438 no
If thats issues what size requires I made it
In any other case with dreamweaver what else must i use
Im working about the code part however I kinda have to put this web-site up in a little while.
Thats good to understand about the crappy code it invests out though, cause We were using that as reference.

designed this
Fine. (another disclaimer) Im new to the present. So I didnt determine what you were preaching about, but then the item hit me. Your editing the code from the developer section regarding chrome or firebug intended for firefox. Why didnt I do believe of that. You guys AND gals happen to be very helpful thanks a ton so much.

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