Drupal, Joomla or Modx?

Hello Guys,

My organization is starting a webpage which involving working with a userbase and critiques attached. It seems our best bet for any simple backend would be the three as brought up, which is the most beneficial for the endeavor at hand

Also basically were to get hosting services, what is required do I just need them to utilize PHP or will i require a private server.

Bless you,

P. VERTISEMENTS. I am still looking for top place to get a domain + web host if anyone includes input on both.

Would WordPress be OK for you It allows intended for different editing amounts.

I found I could truthfully " hack our way" into WordPress whilst Joomla wasn’t really easy. Others may state differently though.

I really do not know at this place as I haven’t much used any CMS ahead of.. I’ll have for you to hack my technique into something

i’ve found joomla to be the easiest and best to make use of, artisteer is an awesome template program to present more customised feel for your site.

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