Duplicating Website?

Duplicating Website

Lets say We have a website by which users will certainly submit your movie or some type of content.

Now, lets say Relating to acquired another website which is completely different…for example, one site is ‘YourMovies’ and also the other is ‘MegaMovies’.

So, if I had content which usually users have previously submitted to ‘YourMovies’ that has been established a few months ago for example, would I manage to then launch ‘MegaMovies’ seeing that if it was a wholly seperate website, using that content that was submitted to help ‘YourMovies’ (lets declare for appropriate reasons, in this terms MY PARTNER AND I mentioned of which by distributing content you please let me use this on alternative websites with no disclosure, etc.)

The additional question Relating to is, in a similar predicament, would the item be a wise shift SEO smart to have THREE OR MORE or thus different web pages, using a similar content -whereby in case a user submits one site they will submit this content to all the websites The reason I would repeat this is to help 1).experiment with the greatest domain/brand and 2).acquire multiple revenues of traffic.

Thank you to your help!!

first off, the sorts of content matters considerably because search engines like google don’t definitely crawl video tutorials that nicely.seeing which is really that direction that you’re heading this, go for it if you want.however, i don’t identify that many advantages to obtaining duplicate internet sites.

If a person put exact content around two separate sites, as well as in a pair of separate web pages, then that is not good.You will not get visitors from search engines on the actual duplicate pages.

Google will index that content who’s finds 1st.And whether a site has an excessive amount of duplicate content, then it would get replicate content fees.

Thank you

1 sector requires new content, time to get research and development of the people contents, without time doing this, you could hire someone to perform it in your case or store and market it.

Thank a person weblord, my key idea seemed to be to please take multiple sport portals with all the same content across them…but I think it is best to focus on only 1 – while my other domain names might have been indexed improved in search engine!

If each sites glimpse identical subject material wise most likely new web page would get yourself a penalty.I consider thing might go differently if you can change web page names, meta tags, Title tag as well as the Header tags within content.

Interesting bluearrow…that is what I used to be wondering regarding!

Perhaps its worthwhile experimenting having at a few stage, before WE write the theory off entirely…of course, I might need to be creative in the way I use the content so that it is not surprisingly, ‘unique’ for each site.

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