DW – preview in broweser problem

I have tried everything I can think of to receive the F12 major to launch the preview to Firefox, when I set ctrl F12 with regard to IE. It works once i click on the particular icon, but once i press F12 it brings up that print box. Does anyone know the location where the setting is located to get these keys being employed properly They work find on my personal laptop, but definitely not on my a short while ago setup desktop. SUPPORT!

I do not own a direct answer in your case, but it sure seems like some other program is running over the F12….

Does it start up the print common box if DW is turn off and you press F12

The print container does appear within other programs once i hit F12, after which others the critical has no function linked to it. In Link, AI, and ID is does zilch, in many Microsoft programs the idea launches the print box in the process. So seems such as all Adobe plans don’t recognize this F12 key.

This might be a silly question, but brand-new set the secondary browser in the Preferences in DW

Revise > preferences > preview throughout browser > Then utilize + button to feature Firefox, and subsequently choose it while your primary visitor.

Yes, I have FF set as my primary along with IE as my own secondary. Like I said above, the icon works as it should for that which is setup in your preferences, I just can’t find the F12 to operate correctly also.

I’ve been playing with it and i just can’t tumble to NOT launch the browser through Dreamweaver, unless I consider the browser right outside the list in the preferences.
I traveled to the DW on the net help and wanted it – WE found this:

Is it the Template file you making the effort to preview A visitor can’t read the. dwt file.

Well My business is glad it’s not only ME that can’t figure this problem out! It’s consequently bizarre.

Simply no, none of the files My organization is trying to preview are usually templates. The F12 does not work properly on ANY document in DW : it just starts the print box regardless.

WHEN I hate computer mysteries.

This has got under my pores and skin now – I’m planning to keep digging along with see what else I can produce.
Meanwhile – enter your preferences and see when you have chosen to view the page with all the temporary file – that will help and is a final bit of advice I’ve come across.

It’s been under mine for a while! I’m happy to possess fresh eyes for this issue. OK, I will verify that out this evening while i return home and show you if that has been it…

Thanks for anyone your help during this!

I just checked along with the " temporary file" alternative wasn’t selected. I tried that with that selection enabled and manner in which I still find the print box while i use F12. I even looked to assure that the right file is getting pointed to in the " setup" with the browsers in DW : it just won’t make sense! Ugh!….

I cannot figure it out there either


I have also managed, most of by myself, to screw up my keyboard although fooling around with DW and a few other stuff.

I have a gaming keyboard yet I don’t adventure – I use it for coding. These have a double strip of ‘G’ secrets down the kept side – I can assign key permutations and macros in order to them – one-key lower, copy, paste, undo, save, etc.. makes things so easy and fast.
I apparently have lost the copy function in some. I think the reboot will solve it so I’m gonna do this and catch several Zzz’s. Maybe the very little file guy with my head who seem to organizes things to do while I sleep will produce the answer to the current stumper.


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