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Hi. It’s been quite a long time since I posted on this subject website. I am currently working away at a huge project, which is gonna take me forever to complete, but I know I may be proud for you to declare as our first website i always put on the internet. I am mostly concentrating on the backend code of the website right these days, but I needed to create a rough design to ensure that I have all of the components I fact that the visual a part of the website, and see how everything are going to be put together. The attached photo can be a design I built within InDesign, and I’m keen to know exactly what you guys think.

I as if it. It’s so basic, it’s beautiful. The only point I’d consider can be adding a visual cue which the list item you might have selected is the one that is displaying. For instance, the blue emphasize color being the background of the definition.

I realise which i don’t still have got a homepage, and I think it’s a major aspect to this website since it will be the most went to page. So I produced another quick design in InDesign associated with what the homepage will mimic once you will be logged in. The spacing is just not the best within the sketch, but will become more consistent when made into HTML.

The legend sorta sticks out. Try removing the drop shadow, since anything else on the page is flat.

I haven’t placed an update from a while, mostly because Formerly suffering with tinnitus working on that coding part to create the website in fact work. Having actually zero knowledge on Javascript, it took hrs of googling along with looking through Bunch Overflow threads to renovate a single insect. I am bending jQuery to a real high degree that it is it’s unique project.

The attached report is screenshot of the actual HTML internet page. It does work on it’s own two feet, and it also really does sort through a database. I have more ideas to generate the dictionary a lot more cool, but I want to see what you men think before even going further.

The size and style of the fonts are generally slightly different, and you will notice the " Wiki Index" button with the top, beside the particular login buttons. Rather than that, it’s almost a carbon copy of my initial draft in InDesign. I tried a new colour change within the background to imply it’s relation considering the selected word, but it just didn’t glimpse right. It think individuals could figure it out considering the arrow beside the phrase, and the fade effect when you clicked on the word.

Throughout IE8, the site looks very shut, which is any surprise because I never seen it in IE until finally today. I remember that nightmares of making the website look identical across browsers. The sole differences are that rounded corners becoming gone (which seems to be good either way) and the font has quite a few really bay aliasing influence. Other than which, it functions very much like Chrome.

Since Heroku has a free plan, I uploaded what I acquired done.
http: //francophy. herokuapp. com/dictionary

Words and phrases that work (English):

Words and phrases that work (French):

Terrible link

Sorry with that. I changed that url to something that is definitely not random. When I modified the link on this page, I did possibly not realise it exclusively changed the text of the link and possibly not the link itself.

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