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Hence, I wanna produce a web and visual design blog, I may put best through the best… and I was wondering how to do money from the actual blogI searched on multilple web sites and couldn’t uncover some answers that i need…. for this record, I’m 16(today is actually my birthday) and I do not own credit card…. so google advertisings are not one of many options of earning profits

Anyone you deal with on the web is going to require either a bank account and also cc.

Why Because they need to report your income as income. Without having either, or having access to, you’re gonna have a tough time signing up having any advertisers.

Gotta check if I can work with my dad’s charge card…
But if i have credit minute card, how to make money via blogUsing the search engines ads or something else

Google adsense may be the easiest to help set-up and employ, but
you will need to 1) Have a gazillion visitors… because…
2) They need to click on the actual ads, and only a few of them will probably.

If you get 10 clicks on a daily basis, you might get near to $1. 00 every day.
This will depend on the ad not surprisingly. I think each will pay different service fees,
or put several weight on just how in-depth the visitor goes into your site.

Hopefully, you’ll make enough to as a minimum cover your web hosting fees.

If any connected with my kids experienced expressed an interest in programming, scripting,
anything regarding web sites / world-wide-web, I would happily have paid the
$50-$75 website hosting fees for giving them their own website. You need
a real webhost and an actual website to discover HTML/CSS/AJAX/PHP/MySQL ect.
Despite the fact that don’t make funds… what you’ll learn with the experience would
be the most effective money your mother and father spent for training.

I charge all-around 50$ for HTML/CSS website so I have enough money for web host… all that money goes to my bank accounts, if I somehow get a credit card, I will be able to pay adsense charges…

Yup… Subsequent that… One Of my daughters years ago want to offer it a whirl… I got your girlfriend a hosting account and many of the software she needed to do it right… She did various " fan" websites for musicians… A little following thing, but she did a real good job, she got all sort of free stuff through the artist.

She started working away at the schools web site… When she graduated, they ended up funding a developer not to lose the site because she was so much more advanced than anyone along at the school district. They need since dumbed down the site so someone at the school district can maintain it.

She has moved on to help bigger and far better things, but the learning process and how you can logically look at problems and clear up them was a pivotal lesson learned.

I think programming is a lot like learning music. This stimulates the mind, and gives people a feeling of structure, move, and logic… great brain exercise. Learn it to learn it, or even PHP or a piano.

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