easy to use CMS and shopping cart for clients?

I got hoping to get your getting loans CMS and ecommerce, what would you use for ones clients and precisely what your would advocate.
I know this is the very broad matter so I’ll skinny it down slightly. My cliental tend to be micro businesses in the beginning stages in this big internet so I want to simplify the full process for them. A lot in the shopping cart options are a little over kill for some of my purchasers and perhaps a lttle bit too overwhelming for your beginner I have discovered some great very simple to use CMS which tend to be perfect for facts only sites or make can use in order to edit pages that aren’t portion of the shopping cart however would you think that’s the most beneficial option not only will they have to learn to utilize the CMS but a different shopping cart process and paypal (or other merchant). Is there a really thing as a CMS and shopping cart in one
Thanks to your help, in improve.

In prior times I’ve used x-cart, although that has been 3 years past. I remember it was very easy to help customize the appear and feel of the internet site (all templates) plus it did have CMS too.

thank an individual!! I will seek out x-cart I’ve heard it mentioned a few times while searching and almost passed it over so I’ll have a better look. I am on the verge of download and experiment out storesprite in addition to opencart but I’m sure we will see things that one does a lot better than the other.

Both the full-featured CMSes + browsing carts I’ve made use of involve the addition of an free extension as well as module. I propose either or.

Magento Commerce Enterprise offers a full included CMS, but at the price of $11k per yr. The Community Edition carries a poor CMS, yet it’s free! I use that for most E-Commerce sites lately, because it’s any platform for development.

Thanks to your help, It seems Magento is known for a massive fan base I don’t believe it’s what I’m after though them just seems rather heavy and intricate to customise with alot taking place in the administrative panel. I’ve looked in to Joomla and Drupal in addition to although I would love to use either in the CMS systems I think once my work is finished and I give the site they might find it a certain amount of a learning curve, WordPress looks more suited from the " easy to use" category however it’s actually a blog that’s customised into a website (square peg round hole) I THINK I might try such as CushyCMS mixed having a light weight purchasing cart depending entirely for the client. I please have to find one or two cart options i can offer these people.
I love the look associated with Storesprite however not sure if people are now using it, the forums are very quiet could be the system is just quite simple and no you’ve any proplems LOL or could try to be that it’s useless and no one uses the idea.
MY SPOUSE AND I also like opencart, it appears straight forward but I’ve also read inside last few several weeks that there’s one or two issues re the developer ; however , again people loove to be able to complain right
I really like the look associated with lemonstand, (not released yet) may very well be good for this clients who are ready to try something for you to actually pay to get LOL Same along with Avactis.

Im using CMS and shopping cart separately. And what are the advantages of using them jointly

I guess acquiring them combined means singular admin panel deal with and only one system the fact that client has to find out to use. It’s all regarding making things easier as the majority of my clientelle lack time to learn complicated systems and therefore are usually only starting out, alot of the time I find it better for your client if I don’t hand them over full control of the site by using similar to Cushy there’s zero FTP or coding so there is no chance of messing points up.

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