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For starters, please excuse my home if I’m there are various mark in the slightest & please feel free that can put me right.

Someone has approached me to style a website thus to their gym, which will comprise of the basic make contact with info, pictures for example. essentially just to establish an online presence for the gymnasium. No problem, my own HTML & CSS skills are up to it.

Now with the tricky part. They choose to integrate an online shop to trade supplements via snail mail order and I do not own a clue. Family and friends I’d do most of this myself enormously advancing my PHP & MYSQL skills during the trip, however there is ugh I can have the funds for the MYSQL request fees & I think it will be too lengthy a process.

After a fast browse there is very much a plethora involving plugins available (and I am aware of the safety pitfalls of utilizing a free open resource solution) but firstly I do not know which one to travel for and secondly I would prefer to know how simple it can be to implement one of these brilliant solutions. Can it possibly be easily incorporated into your main site, maintaining identical look & feel Will someone without coding knowledge be capable to update shipping statuses plus stocks

Thanks beforehand,

Who (what company) is actually hosting the website
Most of them provide MySQL within your existing subscription.

Future question: Who shall be handling the credit rating cards
Does the gym have a credit card merchant picked-out
Maybe it’s their bank, paypal, authorize. net sale, whoever

How you answer these questions will know very well what we say.

Thanks with the reply mlseim.

I do not own a hosting organization lined up, but was most probably going to opt for justhost as We have had good encounters with them in past times. Assuming my chosen provider does present MySQL would WE be right with assuming that hard still be some sort of learning curve with my part I became looking at Ullman’s Effortless E-Commerce book i always hope would teach me all I were required to know…

I have questioned the question regarding who will handle the repayments and will get back to you. In order that will push things ahead can we say PayPal in the meantime, as I presume he’ll would like to handle PayPal payments at least.

Thanks again,

… and PayPal it is!

I’ve just been on their website and am looking at maybe using LiteCommerce – it seems ridiculously easy to help implement… although open source is a little a put-off, doesn’t that allow it to be more susceptible to be able to hacking (although PayPal tend to be pushing it… )

There are actually ways you can easily beef up the safety of open source code, especially if you’re able to set it upwards from scratch and know a little about PHP in addition to MySQL.

For instance, when installing, switch the default dining room table prefix to some thing different. And change the particular admin login page with a different name. You will make certain your changes proliferate in the site, but these are two fairly simple approaches to make it a bit more secure.

As well, remove the config file following a install, if achievable, and make positive your file and also folder permissions are set towards bare minimum needed to run the internet site properly.

Opencart is a different eCommerce system that is definitely free to work with, and it is easier than you think to implement plus operate.

Thanks with the Haydee, Opencart appearance really simple for you to implement & personalize, plus the support is very much more than adequate to get started.

Testimonials are fairly put together though. I’m hoping to provide it a go this weekend so I’ll show you how I get on!

Are there first-hand experience of using it

Well I’ve thought he would defy you many and use osCommerce, albeit for your different project.

I’m trying to customise the layout to check my main website and am acquiring issues changing the width of the header to span the entire width of that window. Setting a pixel bigger can extend it out into the right, but I can’t obtain it to extend to pay for the left. I know this is general stuff, but my mind is frazzled from all of the tweaks!

Gives thanks,

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