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Hi there guys, first post so please take it easy.

I’d like to ask a couple of questions regarding websites

  1. I have experienced a website created for my business along with content management and since having played around considering the cms, I feel confident that i could go further more into editing that website and make new pages etc. However, Would it be possible to accomplish that Learn how to know if MY PARTNER AND I own the website and when I could edit the complete content on the webpage I basically wanna add more info and a couple of more pages.
  2. How does someone edit the meta tag to obtain further up your google ladder Is there a guide in order to this

Any help could be greatly appreciated. I have happen to be learning html/java and to be honest I acually love. Never liked encoding at uni brain you (degree with computer science) but now appear to like it.

What CMS are you currently using

It does not tell me. Learn how to find that released

Post a connect to the site and we can try to recognise the CMS for yourself.

internet. airlinktravel. co. british

OK – I visited your site, keyed in the URL and also added /admin for you to it – got this:

So your website is using a new CMS created by simply POMDesign.
That they say on the site:

  • Our Content Management System could be accessed from every internet connection enabling you to update your own website for the fly. There are zero on-going fees to utilize the system and experts agree it is specifically built to avoid the use of databases, allowing it to become ported to any kind of hosting provider capable to support the PHP scripting language.
  • No education required, although we provide a user guide for reference. "

I suggest you make contact with them and ask them with the user guide, or for what ever other help your offer on easy methods to use the site they generated for you.

I’ve had transactions with them before… very slow assist… probably because of that time period difference and the language barriers…

The person I became assisting eventually moved their site to their own hosting provider and been able to buy the website name from them ( or did you get a chance to register it as part of your name when people setup the site in the first place )…

It all worked out eventually… they use include files rather than a DB to get content storage… so in case you copy all the files from their servers, you will be able to upload them directly to any server that is configured for PHP… and be fine

Seems as if Pom Design " did them a favor" (and WE use that time period loosely).

AirLinkTravel. corp. uk WHOIS

Just curious as to what you necessarily mean by language obstacles, Webzarus. Are a person talking Imperial Speech vs. American Language, or something else

They are super slow, no two ways this! Had a very painful time addressing them I need to say. They really made a simple project drag. Although to all fairness there was faults on together sides, but they definately made alot more errors and messed up over I did.

Alphamare, they have provided a user we will read into today, but they definately will not allow to increase more pages for example.

You’re going to have a whole bunch of fun trying to find that site and its contents wrested from them in a operational manner.

I’m not even joking when WHEN I say this… you may have to find you a lawyer and acquire them involved. The way it stands right currently, they control everything also , you control nothing. (S)He who access the domain owns the electricity, and right today that’s them. You rub them an unacceptable way, they may shut you affordable.

This is what he sent to me. If they owns the space, what do WHEN I do to turn this round the site is however very early throughout, I suppose I could just change the website Register a new

Reference our chat please find details on the quotation below.

The development will involve the creation on the 4 page webpage based around your current previous attachment and includes the next features (where required) as standard:

Unlimited design and style revisions
Expandable web sites. All our advancements are built so that they can grow consistent with your businesses requirements.
Fast & reliable business hosting for 1 year, renewable at 95 per year every year after that. There is no tie inside host with us following a first year.
Free. corp. uk or. com domain name. We will renew this to suit your needs for the period of time that you intended for with us
Free contact accounts your preferred domain (for example salesyourdomainname. com). Note that we can set these up for yourself and your mates to use as soon as the project is definitely started.
Free collection of over 5 million professional photographs
Search Engine friendly build, submissions and onsite optimisation.
Free website visitor statistics and marketing reports
Free logo design. All logo files is usually provided in a format suitable for your printers (for business cards etc)
No per month fees, you retain ownership on the website once the total amount is cleared.
SEO guide offering assistance with how to carry on aiding the optimisation within your site
After sales support
Full content material management
YOU. Changing and format text (colour, width, font, style etc)
COUPLE OF. Inserting images, generating popups and backlinks images
THREE OR MORE. Internal and alternative links from text or images
FOUR. Uploading of information (PDF for example) which can then be relevant and downloaded through visitors

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