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Im totally stressed regarding time here, possibly a bit over-caffeinated and taking my hair out over that one.. I just need a super simple email phone form. I’ve found the code to the form. I found an application to generate the particular CGI script. It _seems_ to be effective when I send out the message, however email itself just says " syntax error" and has no message at all. I’m not even sure I’d prefer to fix ours, I just want some super easy code and CGI script and need to find out where everything is going. I just don’t have time to learn code now or read web site after web article. I’m on this knees ladies in addition to gentlemen, begging pertaining to help.

All that’s necessary is here;

http: //www. freecontactform. com/email_form. php


A person Rock! It performs!! Thank you… many thanks thank you regards. A million be grateful for yous, seriously.
A person saved my buttocks. My company thanks you. I have you… anytime, this life or the next.

I’m unclear why some tend to be CGI based and a few are php, etc… but this will conduct for now. Just gotta customize it a little bit but even as-is, it’s all right. Woot!

CGI (common trip interface) is usually of this particular server-side scripting vocabulary called Perl. PHP is another scripting language which has become more common than Perl for many of us online web websites. Both scripting languages are good… I do believe Perl is superior at text experditions. PHP is arguably easier to understand, mainly because there’s more online service (forums, tutorials, information).


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