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I’ve the following look for form on my own site:

<! -- start out of search common box html -->
< stand cellpadding=30 cellspacing=0 border=0 >
< tr>
< td style=" font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 9px; " >
< type style=" margin: 0px; margin-top: 4px; " action=" http: //search. freefind. com/find. html" method=" get" accept-charset=" utf-8" target=" _self" >
< input type=" hidden" name=" si" value=" 213345" >
< input type=" hidden" name=" pid" value=" r" >
< input type=" hidden" name=" n" value=" 0" >
< input type=" hidden" name=" _charset_" value=" " >
< input type=" hidden" name=" bcd" value=" & #247; " >
< input class=" searchfielddef" type=" text" onfocus=" eFocus(this)" onblur=" eBlur(this)" value=" Type search query and also press enter... " name=" query" size=" 32" >
< input type=" submit" value=" search" class=" searchbutton" >
< /form>
< /td>
< /tr>
< tr>
< /td>
< /tr>
< /table>
<! -- end of search common box html --> 

Right now the search engine results obviously open up in the new window attached to the freefind. com internet site. I want to be able to display those serp’s in a window on my website, so like have it open up a fresh window and always be embedded in an iframe in that new window. You can see the box BELOW (top right corner). So instead of gonna the window them goes now I’d personally want it to visit to, for example, mysite. com/search. php plus the search results exhibited there, even in the event its just throughout an iframe. I’m not talking a js pop-up window, but a totally full/new page, but with all the current search coding still originating from freefind. com. I’ve already contacted the corporation about this but these are pretty low-tech however… they are affordable.

In the iframe, what appears there (the CSS type, layout, etc) is definitely controlled by
the net page that can be put there. To suit your needs, you have no control in the format
of the search results… hence, you can position the search results in your iframe,
however , you can’t do nearly anything with how the idea looks.

If their search engine results could yield an XML file (RSS), that may be different.
You’ll be able to parse (process) a good XML file and also display their results however you need.

They need to have an API written where the search results may be served as XML.


Freefind does say on their site that you may format the results page to match your site – if you can then put the item in an iframe, this could seem to fix your problem.

They are doing have a custom template you can apply to the search page. On the other hand, they dont allow. js and the coding can be quite minimal making it incompatible considering the template of my own site. To get it into an iframe I would just have that will change the " target" inside form section for you to whatever the iframe will be, that I am aware. The issue seriously isn’t geting the results into your Iframe, it is best up another window w/ that iframe embedded in buying it. So if make certain they are is done for the homepage, the results get into in a new window considering the same nav tavern, header, footer, all that stuff but with an iframe w/ the search engine results in it. Hope I’m being clear

Yes, that is much more clear. However as long as I can observe, Freefind does not necessarily make allowances for opening a new page on your own site – and I have not used iframes in a couple of years, so I’m afraid I can’t assist you to any further, apologies.

Thanks regardless. My other solution would be a floating iframe, however i must look into coding to look for a floating box that is definitely reallyyyy slick rather than just some POS show up box

Ask them if they can make final results come back when XML…
That isn’t really that hard to accomplish for them. Anybody searching would then
hold the results and next to nothing else… to do whatever they want with it.

Those XML results could have link-backs to the site, and they will suggest
widgets to let you put things about them on your site. It would be a win-win situation.


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