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I Googled numerous free mp3 participants for use inside Webpages. The one with the a " look" most compatible with my site had been XSPF. The trouble is, the latest debugging aid I’ve found online goes back in order to 2006. The playlist I created passes an online validator, but my implementation with the player shows listings coming from a default playlist from other site. Really stumped about this one.

Robert Fripp

This really is puzzling…

Your src may be a. txt, but they will say. xspf kind…

Look at this website:
avigranite. com

And then, view the CODE source.
The src reference is many different than your. txt research.

Unsure how that can be an issue… but maybe it provides you with an " aha" minute

You have arrived at the site while in the midst of us experimenting. One possible mend I found advised my hosting company’s server probably won’t deliver as. xspf file the the embedded battler. They suggested modifying the playlist expansion to. txt and even (of course) modifying the name also in the embedded player resource code, which I tried, and it didn’t work. Now I’m returning to. xspf extension as well as same old difficulty. I’m really hoping to stop the gaudy colors in the other free mp3 players I found.

On your Avigranite site… take a look at their XML archive.
Yours doesn’t look like which…

This is their XML archive:

< xml version=" JUST ONE. 0" encoding=" UTF-8" >
< playlist version=" 1" xmlns = " http: //xspf. org/ns/0/" >
< title> Avi Granite< /title>
< trackList>
< track>
< location> http: //www. avigranite6. com/tunes/I Do not know New York. mp3< /location>
< image> http: //www. avigranite6. com/redtreecover150. jpg< /image>
< annotation> AG: HALF A DOZEN " I Do not know New York" < /annotation>
< info> http: //www. cdbaby. com/cd/avigranite6< /info>
< /track>
< track>
< location> http: //www. avigranite. com/hortezmaster_mobass48_r8b. mp3< /location>
< image> http: //www. avigranite. com/AG5thumb. jpg< /image>
< annotation> AG: YOUR FIVE " Hortez the actual Chihuahua" < /annotation>
< info> http: //www. cdbaby. com/cd/avigranite5< /info>
< /track>
< track>
< location> http: //www. avigranite. com/musicallyyours. mp3< /location>
< image> < /image>
< annotation> Geographic Language " Musically Joining your downline, Bob Barker" Michael jordan Attias sax, Avi Granitic guitar, Evan Crane bass, Tiffany Chang drums< /annotation>
< info> < /info>
< /track>
< track>
< location> http: //www. avigranite. com/zurichIn4scenes. mp3< /location>
< image> http: //www. avigranite. com/allmend. jpg< /image>
< annotation> AG: 4 Have Zurich " With 4 Scenes" < /annotation>
< info> http: //www. avigranite. com/ag4. html< /info>
< /track>
< track>
< location> http: //www. avigranite. com/inside. mp3< /location>
< image> < /image>
< annotation> Ives Ensemble " Inside" - Live March 3 2009< /annotation>
< info> http: //www. ives-ensemble. nl/< /info>
< /track>
< track>
< location> http: //www. avigranite. com/8mm_lina_mas2. mp3< /location>
< image> http: //www. avigranite. com/avi_lenaprintmini. jpg< /image>
< annotation> 8mm Lina Allemano + Avi Granitic " Cowboy Romance/Death Cartoon" < /annotation>
< info> http: //www. avigranite. com/8mm. htm< /info>
< /track>
< track>
< location> http: //www. avigranite. com/ViewFinder - 07 - Ancestral Distractions. mp3< /location>
< image> http: //www. avigranite. com/VFcoverartmini. jpg< /image>
< annotation> Viewfinder " Ancestral Noise" < /annotation>
< info> http: //www. viewfindermusic. com< /info>
< /track>
< track>
< location> http: //www. avigranite. com/3cil11 - Track 11. mp3< /location>
< image> http: //www. petmantisrecords. com/nautiluscoverthumb. jpg< /image>
< annotation> Nautilus " Intro" < /annotation>
< info> http: //www. cdbaby. com/cd/nautilus< /info>
< /track>
< track>
< location> http: //www. avigranite. com/Vitamin P - Elevator. mp3< /location>
< image> http: //www. avigranite. com/vitaminplogoweb. jpg< /image>
< annotation> Nutritional P " Elevator" < /annotation>
< /track>
< /playlist>

Yours features a title property (theirs won’t… they use " annotation" )
Hd have dashes to the lines either.


Well…. Don’t know where the dashes came from; they don’t manifest when I open up the file in your neighborhood. But I have eliminate the reject lines between trail entries. Also substituted annotation for concept. Still isn’t set. I notice inside the bottom left of my browser the item says " awaiting keithpurtell. com" Thus, the player is definitely attempting to insert the playlist.

I tried to examine your XML file as indicated within your < embed> pen player:

http: //keithpurtell. com/kthings/playlist. xspf

File doesn’t exist.

Maybe this is exactly why it doesn’t load

mlseim, I merely launched Dreamweaver plus clicked on " Online computer repair View" so see the actual files sitting online server. The report playlist. xspf is usually sitting there. I are deprived of a clue why online server doesn’t deliver it whenever you test the WEBSITE. At one time, I read an article about web hosting space mis-behaving with xspf extensions, as well as suggestion was transform the file to playlist. txt around the server and in the embedded player. I tried that once and as I remember the item didn’t work, but I’ll try it one more time. I’m assuming that the plain. txt file will probably be delivered by almost any web server configuration (I’ve manufactured the change ahead of posting this answer back. )

Yet another thing: The documentation (XSPF: XML Shareable Playlist Format: Quick Start) for by using player says it is crucial to note how the mime type for xspf is application/xspf+xml
Nevertheless, I don’t view any place on my Web site where I would include this post.

After my last post around the MIME type, I did some more searching and found a suggestion for working with badly-configured Web computers. I placed type=" audio/x-

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