EMERGANCY!! Need help

Hi there All.

My complete domain host have been hacked. And as each of my websites tend to be Joomla…. (about 15 of them) Uninstalling and reloading the complete domain is some thing I cant can.

I’ve come across the actual. htaccess file (unfortunately have no idea about how that works)

Does that look okay possibly there is a malware route there www. frixel. corp. uk seems being infected now… < –that domain isnt even dwell yet!!! any help could be most appreciated. Internet marketing crying here!


RewriteEngine upon

# -FrontPage-
< Restriction GET POST>
arrangement deny, allow
not allow from all
permit from all
< /Limit>
< Restriction PUT DELETE>
arrangement deny, allow
not allow from all
< /Limit>
AuthUserFile /home/apollod4/public_html/_vti_pvt/service. pwd
AuthGroupFile /home/apollod4/public_html/_vti_pvt/service. grp
ErrorDocument 404 /404. shtml
AuthName apollodesignstudios. corp. uk
IndexIgnore. htaccess */. * * *# */HEADER* */README* */_vti*

RewriteCond %HTTP_HOST apollodesignstudios. corp. uk$ OR
RewriteCond %HTTP_HOST internet. apollodesignstudios. co. uk$
RewriteRule /$ " http\: \/\/www\. apollodesignstudios\. co\. uk\/site" R=301, L

GAK! I’m not very good at htaccess and I do not know Joomla = would you call your host’s technological support for support

message out of host.
HI Marc My goal is to scan your levels with malware detector, Please update this specific ticket in with regards to 20 minutes to see results.

And so in 20 strange mins i will somehow update the actual ticket…. even nevertheless its an electronic mail he sent me… Hmmm

Check the electronic mail and see when there is some sort of number attached — an incident variety or such. Who will be your host, in any case

What about backups Are you experiencing any recent versions Also, does your hosting company do periodic backups as section of their service Is likely to be easier if possibly.

BTW, are Joomla sites easy to hack I’m actually in the way of creating just one…..

So, is that this the site that’s now hacked

Or do you find it Frixel

I don’t understand what has also been hacked.

Regrettably No, i dont have any backups, neither do my internet hosting company… B**tards….

Yes if anyone dont secure it they usually are easy to hack without a doubt. But there are extensions that will help secure it.

Anything, all of my domains ended up hacked. They evolved the. htaccess file inside the root and also Joomla domain versions to redirect for their rubbish site and also use my address to be a spam email pilot. Luckily its all preset now.

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