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Definitely all,

I’m new to that website. Just registered today. But I’m happy to be a part of the Web Design and style Forums community. I hope to learn a lot from everyone in addition to contribute once I start obtaining the swing of things.

So, what am I focusing on right now

I’m wanting to make a bilingual webpage. I’m hoping to obtain the one in Japanese be your. jp and normally the one in English always be a be some sort of. us

I’d like to have the entrance page nevertheless, where you could possibly pick which version in the site you would want to enter–the English or maybe the Japanese–by clicking on the list of other buttons. I’m thinking to obtain the entrance article be a. com

My question is even though, should I help make the entrance article the index. html In case I do, do i then not make another two (the Speech and Japanese Homepages) index. htmls I’m so confused.

Any advice would be great. Thanks men.


I would make all the sites have a strong index. html.

This is because else people will invariably have to get to
yoursite. jp/filename. html
yoursite. us/filename. html

This can be hard to remember.
In the event you make them catalog. html, users can certainly just go to
yoursite. jp
or maybe
yoursite. us


Hi – I have to have a bilingual site – it really is the law within Quebec that almost all sites offering something within the province be included in French, and since most of my clients are English I have to mirror the site both in French and Speech.

POST use PHP comprises of for my headers plus footers, and some of the content also.

We have one header for any English and one for any French, with links towards opposite language page with the same content. Same for any footers.

That sounds a little confusing, but really it works well.

In order to check it out head over to. I am not able to post links yet, so you should have to cut as well as paste the text from here towards your browser.

Try to find the language link in the upper right of each one page, just above the principle menu.

I am trying to do a similar for the site, using a widget, however the French translations tend to be taking longer as compared with I expected. Almost all earlier posts tend to be translated, though.

I hope this helps considerably,
Many thanks,

Many thanks Frederik. I wasn’t sure if it was possible to own multiple index. htmls. But your suggestion confirms i always guess there will be. Hahha. I’m truly a noob. So I greatly value the advice person. I’ll let you understand how it moves.

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