Entreprenuer Seeking opinions about a web design proposal


I am looking to create a website that shall be a social current market for buyers and also sellers of hand crafted goods (Think Ebay satisfies Facebook but pertaining to handmade items). I lack any skills throughout designing websites so We have contacted a small web page design firm and the freelance web developer. I have received virtually identical proposals from both but I am having difficulty choosing dealing with the small website design company or any freelancer. Both the freelance and also the web design corporation are charging me a similar ($12, 000) for the development of the site.

Let us discuss just two in the main things we have discussed:
– The web page design firm stated they would have to create one for me. The freelancer said the fact that community builder computer software (Dolphin, by Boonex. com) would please let me make changes to my site.
-Both the freelancer and also the web design company said they might use a platform from Boonex. com referred to as " Dolphin" which cost $500 (included in the total price).

I know that is the lot of facts but what do you think Any tips about a CMS that would work best for me or is it better to generate one from scratch Any single dads the community application builder " Dolphin" through Boonex. com. I would really appreciate all your help thank everyone.


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