Event Creation (speed dating) site help :)

Greetings people
I am currently along the way of begining to put together a Speed Relationship business, of which the website will be the core fundamental pillar with the whole business.

The website for this business would essentially be an event creation site… From the front end, users cane easily see a frequently updated list of up and approaching events, and can themselves join to events / investing in them through that website.
The rear end would permit admins to publish new events, as well as view/ manage current events which have been created (such to be able to view who have signed up for any event etc)…. In short, deal with the main administrative side with the business / customer service in the back end on the site. The site need to be optimised as best that they can to be easily accesible to the people perusing the world wide web.

There’s more… But I do believe that summises that core elements from a nut shell… Therefore here’s my queries…

– Do virtually any of you individuals have any assistance / words of wisdom concerning what’s the best way to go about undertaking this type of project (I myself am not just a web-designer).
– I know this is actually the question that is actually frustratingly vague, yet always gets enquired… But from just what I described over of what the positioning should be…. How much as an overall/ guestimate figure on earth do you imagine it would cost from will completion
– Did you know of any these kinds of pre-made templates (such since wordpress) which handle event creation websites including this

Another words of wisdom can be greatly appreciated
Thank you for reading peeps!

This sounds like a Joomla project in my opinion.
Adding Joomla extensions for PayPal, or your special bank CC process, and a customer member system.

Therefore, you would speak with a freelance programmer, and also programming web progression company
that will specializes in Jooma (or Drupal) sites. You can lookup Google for Joomla design templates
to obtain ideas on how i might like it to appear… the " look" with it.

Cost This is a hard one. I’ve truly got numbers for instance $1000-$2000 in the mind.
When you need custom graphics… increase another $1000 to help it.


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