Explorer flashes images when pages changes…

Hi I will be running some javascript for you to fade images somewhere between page transiaionts… That works lovely about Firefox, but its really jerkey within Exprlorer…

I am wondering if you have anything clever I will do with your css etc to help at least any bit

Remember to see:
http: //www. 3ddevon. co. uk/

Thanks -Hagen

HI – Concerning that page open both in Firefox and IE, and I notice the image diminishes and change next time i load or reload the page, but nothing happens there after in either cell phone browser. What interval brand new set for that image change

Hi nothing should preferably happen after which… The fade is simply on the page transition…


Oh – well, it’s working, but the transition happens so fast I don’t possess time to see the primary image. just a motion on the page, and then when nothing else happens I’m kind of left wondering what I missed.

Gday, it’s supposed to fade on transition because you do in Firefox in the last picture to the current (maybe this isn’t taking care of your machine)… it just is not very clever within Explorer as explorer re renders the main page starting along with white causing your flash…

I am wondering if you have anything I can perform for example in the CSS to get less white in preference to the picture following on from the new page is definitely opened… maybe render inside a different order for example buy using an utter position etc…

NB the actual images shoudl most of be preloaded…

What I will be saying is this – when the page loads, there is an image in this right-hand side — it immediately fades with a second image, before concerning time to see what the main image was.
This really is confusing to me – after i see the first fade I expect to discover more, and nothing happens.

I see just what you mean around the white flash inside IE – and also the same point in Chrome. The text does not look re-loading each occasion, just the foundation and the remaining portion of the images. It only would seem to happen if i reload the very same page – once i click on any in the links the right-side photo changes but the remaining portion of the page seems that they are OK.
I think whatever it’s important to do to fix this will likely be in something rather than your CSS – I certainly are not aware of any CSS that may make an image render within a different order.
It’s safe to say check your own javascript, but you have so many – 8 related files and two inline for the page – WE wouldn’t know how to start..

thanks for that answer, sorry i dont fully grasp your first sentence works fine personally just have difficulty in IE…

to me it not look like a new javascript problem but something that may be improved by copy…

it would seem sensible that one could use the css to help change the order by something like putting content early within the code so the idea loads early…. then using declare absolute positioning fit the item later

MY PARTNER AND I there maybe even be a render order text pics etc… There need to be… I did discover this: http: //code. yahoo. com/speed/page-speed/docs/rendering. html

More than likely other people will need to have come accross this problem… maybe there can be no solution: -(

I was sort of hoping there might be some clever fix in the cahche etc…

Does anyone have one among a web internet site with fade transitions somewhere between pages that performs on IE


I identified why you hardly understand my first section – I’m shocked anything I stated made sense, basically.
I got talking about impression fade effects for the same page, you’re speaking about image fade effects if you load a new page! DOH!

as an amount of a cludge nonetheless I added any IE page diminishes transition of 0. 1 understanding that seemed to maintain your underlying page ategory flickery…

Just put this within my header…

< meta http-equiv=" Page-Exit" content=" blendTrans(Duration=0. 1)" >

In reality it’s quite a fantastic effect to handy in general with for a fade of YOU. 0


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