Facebook link from website wont open using IE

WE made a portfolio website and have I a connection that connects to help my Facebook Web site. This works great in every visitor except IE. When people check out it, it takes them on the login page connected with Facebook. Logging in doesn’t permit you to continue to this Page (should not have since the site is fully open public. ) Clicking the link an extra time after you sign in doesn’t work sometimes. It just post you the Zynga login page.
This link works fine in additional browsers like Safari as well as Firefox wheather the person is logged directly into Facebook or possibly not.

Any ideas on how you can fix this

The link is during this website www. crookedhalo. org

The Facebook link is at the end in the footer.

What goes on if you remove the long number with the url P. VERTISEMENTS: Nice looking web site man

Basically take out this long string of numbers the connection breaks and takes me to some Facebook page this says " the page request was not found-the link may be expired or mistyped" and so forth. etc.

It had been worth a result. It something POST wouldn’t have thought to do, but it didn’t resolve it.

IE is this kind of pain to design/code regarding but I got to determine why it will not work since a lot more people still use that.

Thanks for the help, if you discovered anything else well then , i’ll know, because I’m stumped. It really should be a simple link to an outside site. I’ve done this before and also this is first moment I’ve had this matter with IE.

Thanks about the site. I’m more of videographer/editor, but that is probably the ideal site I’ve accomplished for myself.

Now i am wondering… I presume it’s facebook connect thats finding the ie issue.

Would this end up being any use for your requirements http: //www. vincentroman. com/blog/troubleshooting-ie-problems-with-facebook-connect
It had been created in 2010 though so im not totally guaranteed if its specific anymore. If possibly not i shall continue searching

On earth do you use a cms to manage your site or would it be just a standard html website (non cms’d)

It’s actually not IE, dude. The same thing happens within Chrome. That suggests that you might have an completely wrong URL.

What I could suggest is in an attempt to shorten your Facebook URL when using the app at https: //www. myspace. com/username/. That would at least eliminate the number, in case nothing else.

Yes i thought which too. He said this individual tried shortening the url plus it gave a 404.

That is different, I assume. Facebook provides that URL shortener in cases like this. The way POST read what he / she said, he meant of which he tried to get rid of the number component of the URL by hand.

I would have misread that, though.

yes thats how my partner and i read it.. I see what you mean… I have noticed that inspecting the fb factor on his web site its http: rather then https… i wonder if which could have some difference.

Mightcud. Beneficial thought.

Ive merely tried different website combos…. if everyone put facebook. com/crookedhalo it produces up the address book having a user called elaine from it.. (I’m presuming a person’s not called elaine while your sites name suggests Edgar. ) each alternate combo i attempted doesnt work. even putting https prior to a url didnt fix the issue. The only other thing i could think of is a url is wrong.. or that fbk have changed their website distributions just when you used the url as part of your site… other as compared to that im definitely not totally sure: VERTISEMENTS

Ya hes proper its also about Chrome. So that is weird. works perfectly on Safari and FF but is not IE and Chrome. But Chrome is built about the same SDK as Safari This is nuts.

Ya Now i am not Elaine. There are numerous Crookedhalo combos at FB so while you manually shortened them like that you need to have got some random one. I left for the link additional member posted. We’ve used that attribute once for our personal FB accounts. Tired to do it for my page to eliminate the actual numbers like he said but I obtain a message that pronounces " Crookedhalo is not eligible for the username currently. In the potential, Crookedhalo will be capable of set a username. "
! WTF Myspace. in the future Allow me to do it sometimes later Nice to be aware of my design work has to be on Zuckerbergs time table.
From what I gather though the key is for you to eliminate the numbers and allow it to become a simpler WEB ADDRESS. And I reckon when FB feels like letting me doing we will do in which.

Thanks for the help guys. If anyone confirms a work around okay know. I did endeavor to manually remove that numbers and ya thats next time i got the absent page error.

You can actually go the http: //bit. ially route. That would give you a shorter URL inside the short run.

Naw it has the just standard html page website. I can’t do a lot of advanced things inside web design planet. I use to become a big Flash fan and needed to use some PHP material but Actionscript along with coding languages ended up just beyond us.

No, not any change between http: as opposed to https:

I came across this in my research. I guess the item worth a try if it truly is an issue when using the URL being to help long.

I suggest learning Joomla. I use it constantly THIS is this new site We’ve redesigned with Joomla. Its very convenient to use and understand whenever your coding that template yourself. THIS Tutorial can be of some use get started on coding it. You’ll kick your self with how easy it’s I learnt Joomla within a weekend.

Hope that is some use

All the slideshows as well as news feeds etc are created from what are also known as modules that could be edited to make your site look impressive RIGHT HERE You’ll even be able to get a module to url to your facebook akun properly!! (check the icons at the end of my internet site, they’re not joined up yet because im still dev’ing the innards on the site)

This will also help everyone learn the Joomla approach

All perfect cool. I’ve heard about Joomla here along with there in passing but I never took a glance.
Bless you!

Welcome dude!!

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