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Relating to been working with a fantasy football site for my buddies and I to apply. I have this layout done along with the coding is pretty simple in my opinion. The problem which i am running inside is ways to get updated stats and not enter them me personally. I know a great deal of sites have the following capability, does anyone include any idea how We can accomplish this or if this is possible

Your time and energy and help can be much appreciated.

: Jaspie

It’s my guess that there is probably one organization that offers the use of a database gain access to the latest numbers. There’s probably a new fee to sign up for that database. It would typically be an API (with the subscriber key).

Can you mean European Soccer, or American Football


One other thought is to be able to " web scrape" sites to obtain the stats, but that is not ethical, and it’s very time consuming to write the PHP per site you scrape. I would not recommend taking that road.

Visit a database you can be a member involving… even if you need to a fee.

We are talking about American Football (NFL). Relating to found some internet sites but their prices are around $15, 000 and since this is certainly just a exciting league we run that price is just not an option. I am going to continue looking nonetheless if anyone knows on the lower priced method of getting the stats I might appreciate it. Many thanks.

Did you call this place about pricing
XML WORKFORCE: Our pricing

MY SPOUSE AND I also found this particular, but it’s a thing you run for a Mac, not online
http: //mac. wareseeker. com/Utilities/nfl-sports-scores-1. ONE. zip/c8b27af74

But maybe it would help at least find the information into your pc,
and you could compile it for the online fantasy football


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