FAQ with plugins!?

I’m creating a website for some guy, and he wants me to create FAQ with jacks.. I know the way to create FAQ, but I don’t know what he indicates when he states FAQ with jacks…

When this sort of situation arises I find a very important thing to do would be to ask the customer for clarification – on paper – about just what they mean.

I’ll send them a good e-mail saying something like: " Since the vocabulary for web page design is always originating, and sometimes a similar term can get several different connotations, I’d like to clarify your obtain. I know what I understand when I notice " plugins" but I’d like to be precise on what you mean by the item. "

Website, I’m willing to create a (small) bet that they mean a accordion effect.

I’m guessing this individual means a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section where they could add/edit them and possibly a search of some kind. Is this any WordPress, Joomla, or another type of CMS site

Its HTML PAGE website… by just how I have suprisingly low knowledge in mySQL

Good, if there’s absolutely no PHP scripting involved, that cancels the word " plugin"…
so, we’re not positive what " plugin" signifies. If they would like to edit things on their own,
you’ll need to use PHP. MySQL isn’t necessary, but PHP is actually… No other approach around it.

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