Find the software to send SMS

Peace be upon you
Discover the software to send SMS to the composition of that site
If my request Lets hope you have a pre-existing contact with me personally

OMG — more spam…

The way

This forum is for people who want others’ opinions on tips on how to improve their web pages.

It sounds in my experience as if you are trying to promote some type of software you can advertise. This would end up being spam and this is not the place to complete that. There may be a place for product sales, go to Available for sale / Advertising – Web development Forums

If i have misunderstood everyone, I apologize.

If you are asking which software to apply for SMS then you certainly are still around the wrong board. However, perhaps this just might help you. Look at Cost-free Software/Tools and Your local library for Sending and Receiving SMS Messages for a Computer/PC

Thread moved outside of REVIEW area.

He’s also posted identical thing on alternative forums.

Can not be sure, but it sounds to my advice like the OP is seeking SMS Server computer software. Love the " Peace be upon you" tad though. LOL. Junk e-mail or not, that is certainly just amusing.

Hey my business is also finding same software for php script. You need to help us.

I keep asking the price in the message bulksms into the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
I need to purchase a new value of THOUSANDS OF dollars.

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