Fixing Sites Done By Someone Else

Hi there Everyone,
I’ve my first client who has existing websites this need updating in addition to fixing. I will be using Dreamweaver CS4 to try and do the work.

Are usually best way to deal with his files and now have him approve the changes before MY SPOUSE AND I replace the records
Can i copy everything in to a folder on the host
Can i put them with another folder upon his host

With thanks,

I always use my own ring host to create approval sites – that way, in case on the problem, they shouldn’t have the files.

WE learned this the actual hard way.

I had done a internet site of about 24 pages in this particular client, most was well, done well inside time-frame, actually more than a week early! They said we were looking at pleased and " the check is at the mail". Hooray!

I had been actually showing the website to a friend once i noticed noticed a smaller positioning issue – I want to to change that padding on a great image, and once i tried to access as well as to make the change, I found I couldn’t join to their server! The password had been changed.

I called them to sort it out and they said I had been charging too much with the work, since I had gotten it succeeded in doing so fast! And they had given the website to their daughter’s boyfriend to undertake, because he was one who told them I had been charging too much.

They said that they felt the pay in covered what I had done so much (the whole site), and since I had not actually finished the website (meaning the one CSS change I got going to make), they didn’t need to pay the balance.

Properly, I weighed the pluses and minuses of a legal action, and eventually determined against, based on the truth that my legal fees could be at least twofold what they owed me, but ever since, I do tests and demos on my own ring server…

i might take it a step further. If anyone with receiving the cash upfront, or have definitely not done business with them before, don’t even give them away a live link. It is particularly easy to copy your source code and images. Deliver them a display screen shot. Though different for many businesses, just like every other, you don’t available the package until eventually you pay. AlphaMare tells an incredible lesson that hopefully the remainder of us do not have to learn in exercise.

Thanks to get sharing your practical experience, i always do testings and also other stuff in my own ring server because of their. I don’t supply anything until that they pay. To protect my work, also to prevent that types of behaviour.

Furthermore i register this work at safecreative. org so if they claim that signal or design as their i’ve proof of it’s mine.

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