Flash Vs. Javascript

What should i learn next.

I am wanting to improve my website development skills and know-how base but feel not sure how to start.

What do you recommend within your opinion is the more important on the two to learn first.

Javascript. You can do more with them, it’s more universally acknowledged by browsers, aging require a wordpress extension, and it’s much easier to tie to a server-side programming language for offers like AJAX.

It also doesn’t suck, as opposed to Flash.

Haha, point taken. I wants sure on coffee beans scripts limitations. I do like that it is server side without client side.

While always thanks again.

Javascript is usually client side. It can work with server-side languages, though.

Flash can too, but it’s far more limited in this regard.

Java Script without a doubt!

Java Script it truly is.

Started learning many of the basics from w3schools today..

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