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Good day.
I wish to accomplish something on the following forum:
http: //tech-squad. org/
I want to begin a Google AdSense skyscraper ad I would like it to be to the left side. It should stay scrolling while using person, and make perfectly with the top end " navigation menu" or whatever you need to call it… the thing that says " Residence, FAQ, etc… "

YET here’s the find… only on huge screens… when there’s tons of extra space around the side. How
thank you

So the actual " tech-squad" carries a site (script) failure
MY SPOUSE AND I can’t view their site.

But I must say that any floating google ad could well be annoying.
That’s my opinion.


Mass media queries and predetermined positioning. But including mlseim said, that will be horribly annoying.

OK. If you’re more dedicated it’s horribly frustrating I won’t take action.
Yes I’m cognizant of the PHP error. I screwed in place some core data files and I’m having somebody fix it. Lol.

I simply thought that placing an ad there would consume some of that empty space.

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