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This really is my very first post on this subject forum! I’ve searched the online for the answer to this question plus I can’t locate a solution yet.

I’ve created any mobile site with the company I work for but I’m having trouble knowing how to offer the right way to get out of the mobile site once they are on a mobile device. I use php in order to detect the perusing device and send the consumer to the mobile site whenever they are on the mobile device. Inside the footer I wish to place something of which says " regarding full site push here" and use a link back into the full site.

I’m confused how to achieve this because if I url to the full website (lets say the actual index page) that will php code that detects the user’s browser there has to be and it just simply sends them to the mobile site.

I looked at target’s site and so they have something that says force-full-site for the end of this redirecting url.

Any help could well be appreciated!


Captain christopher

Set some sort of PHP SESSION shifting.

Around the main page, along at the very top belonging to the PHP script, you
check out the SESSION shifting being set. If aging exist,
you follow-through with your machine checking.

In the event that it exists, you bypass the nuvi checking.


Around the mobile page, when they click the link to attend " full screen",
you send them to some small PHP script in which sets the PHP TIME variable,
but it redirects to the main page. This operation will probably be invisible to the user,
but it will handle the necessary header (refresh) that should occur
between each scripts.

They can be on the complete size page from then on point unless that they either
close their cell phone or you give them the right way to kill the time variable.


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