Form Design: Best Place to Put Extra Info

I am working on brand-new styles for my own employer’s site employing CSS and JQuery, and I ran into a fascinating quandary, which I was hoping I might get some advice pertaining to. I want and therefore add hints for you to any form elements that could need them, and have them only look when they’re needed (using any hover mechanism). I want to to ask, what in your opinion is the simplest way to do that (both handling your indication that there’s more info, and having this show up) On the list of books I has been reading suggests accomplishing this by adding a good info icon into the label, but my employer wants the labels to show up floating around the left side of the form elements, and I located that adding an icon there makes the labels look really uneven (because the star sits between the label along with the form). I truly do know that I’m likely to indicate errors using a popup on the ideal side of the form element (that underlines when the element concentrates or the error icon which will appear on the ideal side of the field is hovered), so I’m undecided if putting the data indicator to the best of the element is the right move.

When i do something like that I put a compact text question mark near to the element. I utilize a tool tip CSS hover to signify the suggested help every time a user hovers over the question mark.

Sometime i’ll use a strong image, most of the time just text. Depends upon what the purchaser likes best.

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