Forum feed help please

Greetings Guys,

We’d really appreciate several help.

My website features a forum feed to the home page which should update with the latest posts from that forum, but it has not updated with months.
The positioning was created with luck by someone who is no longer all over, and so I have been trying to master the basics over recent years months, but this kind of has me trapped.

There’s a file in my public. html folder which pertains to it called cachedposts. html code, which contains the particular rss code. This is what it says (I haven’t included the main page, as it’s very long):

< xml version=" ONE. 0" encoding=" ISO-8859-1" >

< rss version=" 2. 0" xmlns: dc=" http: //purl. org/dc/elements/1. 1/" xmlns: content=" http: //purl. org/rss/1. 0/modules/content/" >

< channel>

< title> Tattoo Exiles< /title>

< link> http: //www. mysite. com/< /link>

< description> This is a discussion forum run by vBulletin. To understand about vBulletin, visit http: //www. vbulletin. com/. < /description>

< language> en< /language>

< lastBuildDate> Fri, FIFTEEN Oct 2010 12: 41: 08 GMT< /lastBuildDate>

< generator> vBulletin< /generator>

< ttl> 60< /ttl>

< image>

< url> http: //www. mysite/images/misc/rss. png< /url>

< title> Tattoo Exiles< /title>

< link> http: //http: //www. mysite. com/forum. php< /link>

< /image>

< item>

< title> The greatest and worst consert experiences< /title>

< link> http: //www. mysite. com/showthread. php439-Your-greatest-and-worst-consert-experiences& amplifier; goto=newpost< /link>

< pubDate> Fri, FIFTEEN Oct 2010 01: 08: 01 GMT< /pubDate>

Any help will be much appreciated.

There’s some PHP scripting with your home page that displays modern feeds
Can you show us which scripting


Thanks to the reply.
Patient trying to identify that script but I can’t seem to find that.
This is certainly my public. php folder, can you mind having a hunt and pointing me in the right direction

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