Free PHO Scripts to Enable Users to Edit Photos?

Hello there

Does anyone find out of any free php scripts that enable users to edit their photos

I currently use Contentseed as a possible easy cms pertaining to html websites however this doesn’t yes me this capability – and certainly strips vital portions of the code to get css image galleries out there so these galleries can not be used with Contentseed.

I saw inside a separate poste in which mlseim said:

This sounds exactly any type of thing I choose to offer alongside Contentseed for changing text.

You will find so many pieces of software, it’s hard to settle on.
Just one big problem together with Googling them is usually, many are old, like 2003, 2005.
There are likely security issues with many of the older ones.

MySQL is really what you want, but this a single looks interesting (no MySQL needed):
minishowcase v09b142

Plainly were to website hosting gallery today, I’d look for a strong AJAX (or JQuery) PHP/MySQL script.
easy php mysql picture gallery – The search engines Search

Make sure whatever you apply was created or maybe updated in including 2009-2010.

Cheers mlseim – can check these available.

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