Freelance proposal and contract help

Guys My first time to go article writing and my 1st official client needs an e-commerce web-site… I already realize how to do it but how about the contract as well as proposal any guidelines on how to achieve this and of training course the pricing most probably if he includes the budget I’d use wordpress because CMS, make your theme and generate the e-commerce website there… any ideas within the pricing, proposal and contract I need to be as professional that they can… should I obtain a lawyer to help make the contract

in terms of pricing i would take a look at the estimated size belonging to the site and discover how long it would take me, i might then work out a quick estimate of the amount of such a internet site would cost in that case work that within an hourly rate instead of 1 large quantity, the reason lurking behind the hourly rate is if the clientele changes their mind on the website and askes one to change it after backing up say it will require however much for a longer time to omplete it as opposed to having to create a new offer

I can advice one to engage a layer because doing so is at the first try and with the layer it’ll be more safe available for you.

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