FTP site problems

Hi guys

Been on christmas now for Month a quite bored stiff.
Thought he would make a site on Dreamweaver CS3.
Uploaded site to FTP server for assessment, and all ought to work, well it doesnt.
WHEN I uploaded the information to public_html folder.
But after i type domain identify www. example. com this only brings upward the index together with all folders.
After i type in world wide web. example. com/index. html your website opens correctly.
Managed I miss/delete something, what am I missing.
Spent the entire morning googling the prob but without luck.
Website design and what not necessarily is totaly new if you ask me.

You need to help

Gives thanks in advance

That’s a server setting that appears to be set incorrectly.

Test changing the index chart. html to directory. htm, see in case it works. If it’s a windows server, switch it to default. htm Or default. html

When you have access to your hosting provider control panel, there is often a setting where you may add index. html because you default document.

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