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Hello there,

I’m new but not sure where I ought to be posting this! Ideally I’ve got it right!

I really want to get into web design, but I’m just about to setup a new firm so I’ve asked a firm to design a website, then I thought out to touch the item up.

I’m using dreamweaver cs4 and I’m endeavoring to touch up you page.

I’m endeavoring to add a connection to an image and can’t with the life of me work out why it will not work! It seems to be effective in internet explorer, although not chrome. I think that experts claim it’s behind regarding 4 different div tags may not helping… my apologies for that messy code… the bit in bold will be link I’m looking to create. Any help could well be most appreciated. I’ve taken the particular code from what Absolutely , is the related area;

< div id=" midel_pannel" >
< div id=" main_content" >
< p> < img src=" images/how_it_works_2. png" width=" 719" height=" 89" alt=" How can it work" /> < /p>
< div id=" how_it_works" >
< p> Thus, how does it work efficiently, it’s as effortless as 1, TWO, 3. < /p>
< p> < img src=" images/simple_questionnaire. png" alt=" Easy questionnaire" width=" 547" height=" 62" /> < /p>
< div id=" apDiv1" > < img src=" images/slideshow. png" width=" 331" height=" 878" alt=" Click Wills pictures" /> < /div>
< p> The Click Wills questionnaire has been developed to be user friendly, easy to realize and quick to complete. Most importantly, it is guaranteed to provide you a legally in force Will. < /p>
< p> Our questionnaire takes as low as 10 minutes to do. Guidance will often be on hand that may help you make informed decisions regarding the appointments you make and the method that you will gift ones assets should the worse happen. < /p>
< p> & nbsp; < /p>
< p> < img src=" images/order_when_youre_ready. png" alt=" Order if you find yourself ready" width=" 547" height=" 62" /> < /p>
< p> When you have completed the list of questions, we provide you which has a summary of your Will for you to review your selections. < /p>
< p> When you finally are happy considering the summary of your Are you going to will then order if you’re ready. You can choose to either get your Will delivered to you by mail or order a person’s beautiful, professionally bound Will being mailed to you by top class post. < /p>
< p> & nbsp; < /p>
< p> < img src=" images/receive_your_will. png" alt=" Get your Will" width=" 547" height=" 62" /> < /p>
< p> While you received your excellent Will, you will discover full guidance to assure it is closed correctly. If you have got any concerns concerning your Will you may be provided with a unique email address to help answer any questions you will have. < /p>
< p> When you finally are fully happy you’ll sign and observe your Will. < /p>
< p> That is certainly it! < /p>
< p> Peace of mind in as very little as 10 units. < /p>
< img src=" images/blogger_button. png" alt=" Click Wills Blogger" width=" 49" height=" 49" align=" right" /> < /a> < your href=" prices. html" > < img src=" images/twitter_button. png" alt=" Click Wills Twitter" width=" 49" height=" 49" align=" right" /> < /a> < your href=" index. html" > < img src=" images/facebook_button. png" alt=" Click Wills Facebook" width=" 49" height=" 49" align=" right" /> < /a> < /p>
< p> & nbsp; < /p>
< p> & nbsp; < /p>
< p> & nbsp; < /p>
< p> & nbsp; < /p>
< /div>
< /div>
< /div>

Hoepfully someone may help.



Show us a link to the actual internet page… we can’t test drive it the way you might be posting it these days.

Try adding a ‘.. /’ towards your images.
< img src=" .. /images/twitter_button. png" alt=" Click Wills Twitter" width=" 49" height=" 49" align=" right" />

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