Give IE users a message to switch to firefox.

I would like to make the pretty popup which tells IE people to switch to help firefox.
The best way would I accomplish that

You can wrap whatever you would like in an IE conditional licence plate.

And how would I let that happen

I supposed to say conditional feedback, not tags:

http: //www. quirksmode. org/css/condcom. web coding

Don’t. While you encourage people to switch to another browser, even when it’s positive plus it has benefits with the user, your attempt will usually be met along with resistance and people leaving your webblog.

The smart move should be to avoid it.

OK, well, I necessarily mean, I’m not visiting prevent them through using my web site. But I need to bother IE customers
Please tell me the right way to do it.
I’ve already got my attitude on it, and also you can’t change the mind.
I’m either visiting do a nice job in your help, or some sort of ****** job without having help
I’d prefer the first option quite really

If you want to bother IE users you might even check your numbers and see what number of IE users visit your web blog. On the 100’s of site most people manage IE continues to the dominant cell phone and we certain wouldn’t rock the boat with these… and you might not exactly want to either if it is just a business site to suit your needs. You probably shouldn’t get bothering them, just running them off not to ever return to your website again.

Most views loathe pop ups anyway and I’m one of them. If I go to a site to make a purchase and a pop up banner jumps in my face I proceed to another site it does not have a pop up banner… lost income for any site that had a pop up banner jump in this face.

I’d set it around place a dessert if they’ve witnessed the message ahead of. If they have got, it won’t display until they utilize a different computer or perhaps clear their biscuits.
I don’t want to lose quite a number of visitors, I would like to enlighten idiot consumers (IE users usually are idiots, sorry), and promote this firefox affiliate button/link because I would like a free firefox t-shirt sometime

Well, simply because you don’t like IE doesn’t indicate millions more at ease with IE.
I just ran the statistics for 5 days using a corporate site most people manage:
IE end users: 10, 262
Chrome: 6TH, 103
Firefox: A COUPLE OF, 783

I use Seamoneky more often than not so I don’t make a hoot what anybody else uses.
I’ll say again… Only visit a site as well as a pop up gets in my deal with I leave it and can never return hence a cookie is useless for people like me.. and at any moment during a day all of us could be on different computers given that each person has 3 to 5 of them sitting down on their desk within their office.

I’m not wanting to beat you in place now, just telling you mine and millions more thoughts on pop ups.

Probably be much healthier to buy the particular t-shirt

Here is my prototype idea (ugly 5-minute work, it won’t appearance this bad and ugly certainly lol)

H . P ., Lenovo, and Dell grant you stupid survey popups EACH AND EVERY DAMN TIME YOU GO TO THEIR WEB-SITES!
Mine would be much better, in case they can get it done I can do it

Now there you go ranting about different sites with soda ups on them also , you wanting to put one with your site.

Certainly, well, maybe we ought to focus on the task attainable: making this work!

Well, don’t think of a stupid idea, and we will not convince you never to do it! You’re going down a path which will get you where you want to be. That’s why you aren’t finding the assist you to want.

He got what he wanted, just didn’t tumble done for him or her.

Sorry people.
I agree it is just a bad idea so I’m visiting not do them for shovenose. com
Nonetheless, I’m working one thing else (different website) which will require the utilization of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or any good browser…
This is what I hope to try and do (I just made use of Yahoo! for a good example, not actually having anything to do with the new issue (Zulu OS)

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