Google buying digg?

Yahoo buying digg

Just saw this revise today Google endeavoring to buy Digg…ogle-digg.html

Nice, now who will Microsoft get StumbleUpon

this rumor has been going around long know

Actually Posted through this rumor is going around long know It was before pretty considerably dead within the water right up until that news article.

All Allow me to say is that Google own never done many of the stupid points that Microsoft have.Everybody trust Search engine highly.Its not inside their nature for you to " control".They feature excellent providers, thats why there’re popular, time.

If Yahoo buy Digg, it is going to be great!

Is that true

would become cool when they did get them.

Google true monster…I imagine soon they’ll come in my opinion and say that they’re buying my home…lol

Google is as a result of, one of the biggest success the processing industry has ever endured.I believe that they’re an wonderful company in addition to Digg can be excellent within their hands.

I can’t say the identical for ‘microsoft’ lol

I possess a close connection who’s going to be from a different party interested in buying Digg and are very seriously interested in it.They told me that The search engines pulled available or is specialist it all around health aren’t proud of the terminology…Don’t know if you have truth compared to that, just believed I’d promote.

Hm.That’s interesting.Anyway I’m sure if these people by the idea that probably would not be shock for anyone here.

digg is usually more including an unchecked newsgroup as compared to stumbleupon, nevertheless su features 1million+ affiliates
In the beginning Posted by way of Dean26 Fine, now who will Microsoft purchase StumbleUpon

Uncontrolled In terms of I know there are actually quit massive stuff working away at it.

Actually Posted by simply this particular rumor is going around long know Sure I manage to remember experiencing this adventure about Few months ago, although not sure if it absolutely was google or even if search engine was called.

It’s interesting to determine that the search engines wants Get.Good strategy on Google’s section..probly will probably hurt persons submitting for you to digg for SEO uses though.Just my ONLY TWO cents.

I may see a couple of posts with some community blogs again concerning the possible buy of Get by Yahoo and google.They undoubtedly own your #1 online video media sharing webpage YouTube so why not

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