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This is certainly probably a silly question, but I’ve have got to ask it…

When I look for certain sites on google the site identify is displayed along with the meta description, but then there are TWO x 4 buttons to pages within the site, a kind of contents page when you will.

Is there ways to do this around coding, or can it be something that google will perform as an supplemental service

Thanks for virtually every help,

It’s identified as " sitelinks" (or " sublinks" )…
Search engine does that on auto-pilot. The user offers no control around that.
Suggestions more information.
http: //www. search engine. com/searchq=google sitelinks

Creating a Google sitemap will assist Google in processing it easier.


" A person earn sitelinks". Basically in case you have a site with such authority over a subject or topic that every one of the information is of use, you get sitelinks.

Just like mlseim said, this is certainly totally beyond that user’s control… but it’s wicked cool if you get them.

Used to do wonder why all people doesn’t have these folks.

Thanks to the info. Maybe I’ll earn some sometime!

With in which outlook, you probably will. And then you are able to brag to any friends by doing things like this and indicating " that’s my verizon prepaid phone. Those are my own sitelinks. I bought ’em, you will not. I rock, you do not. "

Thoughts you, that relies on you having information about the sitelinks and using a page that is definitely so conclusively the authority on a topic that you’re sure it can show up upon anyone else’s search engine results, regardless of rank variances. It also requires you to become real jackass. Yet being petty and also small is entertaining.

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