google map site users can post spots and write about?

Howdy. I am any senior member of an organization of bird watchers in Syracuse, NY. We want to create a website by means of 2011 with satellite road directions on it (google maps) where by users can select the map, in addition to add a " spot" to it which shows where they want sighted a a number of bird species. They will also have the ability to upload a picture using this type of (if they have got a photo of the location, or of the particular bird) and it’s going to be visible with this specific map marker on internet land. They also can write a description of this location, how to receive there, and for example. Even better, would be if comments and ratings can be made, for other users can also chime in at these spots and say should they have also viewed the birds now there, or what its luck is. A 5 legend rating system would be useful for customers can filter out the most beneficial spots from this worst.

Before the spots on the particular map can manifest, I want an admin to have and therefore approve it primary, of course.

And we’d also like a search where users may enter their zip code or town name also it will automatically heart the map in that location and show the many closet bird areas.

Encourage this is to support bird watchers all around Syracuse to trail and locate this rarer avian race. To someone who is not an passionate birdwatcher, this might seem silly, but this is very important research and we all really do need a way of tracking where birds are seen.

So my question to that forum is, it is possible to best way of creating a website like this Regarded as a use the search engine maps API And integrate it into a a php website I’m not trying to find specifics, just a general outline of what doing this would be and where to start, and what I’ll need.

Many thanks!

You are capable of doing this with:

Entry End:

Device Side Language:
PHP (free) OR

Data source:
MySQL (free) OR
SQL Device Express (free)

You’re also gonna need to utilize the google maps api and also code some logic so a user may click a spot. Youd get the coordinates because of this spot and save it into a database. Your end users logins, bird photos, ratings, comments would all be saved towards database.

You’re gonna want to know how to create a database (properly), create a website using html/css or utilize a template and transform it, use any server side vocabulary (php, asp) to reassure your database, probably use some javascript for any google maps api click on, google maps api. Considerably of work if you’re new to making websites.

1: Html/CSS template for any website front end

If you want to hire someone to perform this for you, please email us:
scottreainc. net

I’m sure we could give you a hand
If you choosed undertake this by yourself, wish you the all the best.

You also needs to have a mobile friendly version in the site and/or the phone app (iTunes / Android / 7) that integrates considering the map. Lots connected with phones have cameras , camcorders / geo tagging, which feature could come in handy.

I can give you a place to begin with….

http: //www. search engines. com/searchhl=en& q=php cellular geotag photo& aq=f& aqi=& aql=& oq=& gs_rfai=

You should specifically target birdwatchers which have cell phones with the ability
to geotag photos. Which means, they take a photo with their cell phone, in addition to email
it into a PHP script on your website. That photo is geotagged… it contains the GPS
coordinates of where the photo was used. It also, certainly, has their e mail address,
to recognize the user which took the shot.

You’ll also have any 2nd option wherever a user without having that feature could return back to
their PC at your home and upload the photo, and also utilize the Google Map to pinpoint
their spot as close as they quite simply can remember (where some people took the photo). They might have
to login towards website, since it isn’t using their cellular.

Geotagging photos would really be the most beneficial option. You would be getting photos
in addition to GPS, with hardly any effort on the component to the birdwatcher.

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