Graphics. Done. Now, can it work?

I’m doing a new website (my first in Ten years or so). Concerning determined my design and style and how I’d like the site in order to function. However, I cannot to the life of us find any information on how to make it work began seeing I want. Frankly, I’m not sometimes sure if it depends with my confined knowledge and features.

I’m using Dreamweaver (unless anyone features a better suggestion) to make the site, hosted as a result of GoDaddy. In the particular attached file, you can view the layout involves three vertical columns. I’d like the best column (avitar header & gold background) to keep fixed, as I want to add navigation along with other links within the particular gold area. Inside the second (white) column, I would like content–blog posts, photographs, recipes, etc. –to often be scrollable (without truly showing scroll bars, if possible). I’d also like that section to have got a fluid width for compatibility/viewability by a variety of browsers and/or coomputer sceens. The third (small, narrow) section would likely remain fixed such as the first.

This is my second problem. I don’t need this layout to acquire a separate backdrop color or image filling the residual space. To support larger screens, I would like the pink " awning" header along with gold background to extend/repeat horizontally as needed.

Plainly can make this particular work, I’d eventually like to adapt the pages from the site with many (smaller, narrower) avitars inside the top left place, making the white-colored column wider for you to fill more content material. Do my thoughts make sense In addition to this, how do WE make them work

I’m sure I could repeat this in Flash, but I’ve been told (and learn online) that it’s not a good option to use Expensive for site design. This frustrated impress designer appreciates any kind of and all aid!!

Would you reattach your picture It may not be showing up correctly.

I think should you be going to have both left and the correct columns as unchanging width, and the particular center as substance (yes, do-able) then your own awning image will probably be fixed at the width of the columns in which seems like. It could oftentimes be used through the whole page included in a fluid jar, but there would have been a disconnect due as well its rounded outdoor edges.

AlphaMare: Sorry. The original JPG appeared to be a general benchmark. The edges could well be straight, so put on repeat the pattern with the background, if achievable.

I think I’ve figured out learning to make the columns unchanging or fluid widths, but how about heights I’d just like the 1st and 3rd columns that they are fixed (not scroll considering the page), and the next (white) to house hold the scrollable content. Will that operate, and if hence, how

Set the heights for ones side columns from the CSS, then for that centre column, set that top as min-height – like that if the center column has less content versus the sides, they will most of be equal across the bottom, but if it has more it will certainly expand downwards to allow for it.

And this stands out as the answer to your own question about expanding top image.
When you really insist about fixed width side columns, see.
Or even, take a glance.


For the particular center, when people say " scrollable", would you mean
to acquire a vertical scrollbar simply for the center section

underlay: 20px;
thicker: 300px;
peak: 600px;
overflow: auto;

< div id=" center" >
< /div>

That the " stuff" surpasses the 600px elevation, a vertical scroll pub will
immediately appear… making will be scrollable.


I’d prefer not to ever have the scroll bar within the white column, just to utilize the browser scrollbar whenever content exceeds the length of the monitor as well as viewer’s window. Nevertheless, I suppose Allow me to get over it if i there’s no manner around it. My biggest concern is whether Allow me to keep the surface columns from scrolling (so the links that could be added in the 1st column, as well as pink header) is obviously visible, no matter how much content is in the white, middle column. Does that help make sense My custom made brain can visualize what I would like, but I possess very limited online developer knowledge to make it work.

Is this the level of thing you’re trying to accomplish
3 Columns, centre smooth.
You choose to do get a scrollbar with the side of the screen should the content of this centre column expands past the bottom of the screen, but this is actually normal. There are no scrollbars in the middle column.

(P. ERSUS. I kinda lent your jpg, and so the images aren’t as sharp because they should be.. hope it’s not necessary to mind)

Mind Of course I don’t head! Anyone who’s willing to make sense connected with my madness and try to help me is this is every JPG We have!

You’ve got solved one regarding my two troubles: the fluid-width middle column. However, is there the right way to keep the Very first and 3rd content fixed (i. age., so you always see the header in addition to links), while the white-colored column scrolls into see the text

I do not know if this causes it to become any easier, but another alternative I’d consider is creating a fixed header (pink entirely across), where the particular white column scrolls " behind’ that. Is that doable

Plainly could just understand this main functionality to work the way WE envision, I think I will fake my approach through the remaining portion of the site. < arms crossed>

Likewise, is Dreamweaver the best way to go (considering I have no clue what I’m doing for a lot of the coding)

Thanks again for your help!

I’m pretty sure really the only way you can aquire the center column to help scroll while keeping the side columns always visible would find themselves giving you a scrollbar within the center column. Either that or get it done in Flash, but I avoid using Flash if I will help it – the time spent vs the return is just not worth it for me and it’s terribly SEO-unfriendly.
Maybe you could potentially modify the javascript floating menu thingy (sorry concerning the terribly technical jargon, LOL) to acquire the whole side columns float as the centre one scrolls : I’ll loook directly into that and post only have any luck.

Without a doubt, that’s probably doable – in fact I think a person on another board had that happening by accident and posted to try to look for a way for making it stop! Nevertheless I can’t quite visualize how you can code it. Maybe if

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