Guess who doesn’t even code for IE6 anymore?

http: //media. crossbrowsertesting. com/users/26446/screenshots/full/z258993b000a500d7903. png

of course a website that is promoting IE9 won’t support IE6, MS would would rather have a wipe out switch for IE6, They stopped safety measures updates for IE6 2 months ago as well as I bet should they could get away about it, they would just stop supporting ( planning around it ) ‘s together…. but in the event you visit any health of their MSDN, download or any of their tech sites many people load multiple sytles according to the browser a person visit with. Most Servers in advance of Server2008 had IE6 set up and since they are servers, admins rarely set up IE7 or IE8 on them because of the only time the online world was normally accessed from their store ( if in any respect ), was to visit MS sites for you to download patches and also or server improvements..

Every time they were pushing IE8, they did a similar thing… trying to visually enforce the requirement to update your browser.


I think Many men and women ignore IE6, even IE7!

Umm… REALLY That are they marketing for you to, then IE8, IE7, in addition to yes… even IE6 users. You’d think they’d at the least have a redirect.

Maybe their’yre creating a point… if you’ev acquired IE9 this looks nice…
One particular problem: computers with XP run IE6. EXP can’t even go IE9!!!


Whooops, i truly must read more into the thread than just say the initial word that i do think of… But you did want a solution to your query so…..

There is no reason to employ xp anymore. Succeed 7 is manner better.

Finally! Somebody with your brain! Thank an individual George

When you gotta buy and replace 200-300 PC’s at a time… repeat that 10-30 times all the time MS changes it’s OS web-site needs to be 5000 PC alter out is outrageous… a 200-300 PERSONAL COMPUTER rollout is less of a challenge to manage and also plan.

Oh yea…. and some plans still won’t go under Windows7…. We have one program this my liscense fee yearly ends 6 figures, but that regarding seem to just like windows 7, so We have hundreds of PC’s that employ this program that WE " CANNOT" up grade to Windows 8, until the program can run on it…

What a good point

Webzarus, if you’re supporting 300 pcs, there’s absolutely no reasons why you are manually installing software upon each. You should be working with Norton Ghost or akin to create a HIGH-DEFINITION image, then ghosting them from box for you to box to common box. The process will take about 2 mins (of your time) for each machine once you’ve gotten an image build. This also assumes that all the machines hold the same hardware config, which with 300 pcs to support, there’s also no reasons why you wouldn’t possess that…

Never said anything related to manually installing anything. I have numerous hundred pc’s which may have to access a legacy application that’s not supported about win7, even however my hardware will be win7 ready, that app doesnt purpose properly. I posess zero choice but running xp until the particular app will function in win7.

I use ghost and still have cloned drives already willing to be swapped should the time comes. Built them up on my test multi-level ( takes a smaller amount time to replace a HD) when compared with to re-image, rename, totally reset the Sid, work with the domain, for example.

I have in relation to 30 configs for all you different levels regarding access and such.

I was just giving an example as to the reasons someone may definitely running XP.

I elect to ignore IE TOTALY! Think about that

Unfortunately, people still utilize it.

Yes which is very true, if users grasped why IE is not good, they could change to Firefox and also Chrome, but however IE still hasa huge user base.

why is it that with regards to browser compatibility this industry design sites to utilize older version of browsers as opposed to the current edition. Doesn’t this hamper the implementation regarding new technologies and you might say stunt the expansion and innovation belonging to the industry. I realize, ya know, how it is likely to be a stability concern (older versions additional stable than newer) but simultaneously newer browsers service newer technology than can not be utilized if a mature browser doesn’t support it.


Actually, they obtain optimization for the two old and brand-new browsers. That’s because you will discover still people using old ones, and also the industries don’t need to lose customers who have em.

Yep, George – I’ve clients asking me at all times to make confident their site succeeds in older browsers because that is what their clients are choosing.

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