Has anyone ever bought or sold a site at Flippa.com?

title says all this… But here should go again;
Has anyone actually bought or sold a website at Flippa. com

Ever saw a website being sold by simply 1$

ps. i tried to be able to open this topic within the marketplace section in the forum, but this reveals i dont include enought priviledges.

Providing one now professionally. It’s not even close to the reserve bid, however.

https: //flippa. com/2627034-search-engine-friendly-layouts

Not overly impressed using the process, either. Amounts to just there are way too many " SEO" /domain scavengers and never enough people who see legitimate, decent sites they can work having.


Sorry to hear your selling experience on Flippa up to now has been in both instances short of awesome.

While your website is no Fb, it does include strong original subject matter and considerable authority – therefore, it should become getting more attention than these have thus far (even while views/watches are following strongly).

Few problems/solutions using your listing
YOU. Your title is actually too generic. I’d select something like " SOME Year Old WEBSITE POSITIONING Design Website to get Sale". You won’t be able to do this article auction go-live but PM me to say you’re happy using this change and we’ll cause it to happen.
COUPLE OF. Your MS-Access/. ASP backend will be unattractive to nearly all buyers. It may possibly be worth mentioning inside your listing comments that your new owner could port the content to a modern CMS including WordPress (so much time as that this will also apply to course)
THREE OR MORE. Your site possesses Google Analytics put in but you’ve not really included it in your listing. It is worth the effort because it boosts buyer confidence
FOUR. Use the Presented listing upgrade when you’ve address this to receive it in front of more website potential buyers (no, not going the hard-sell here — we’re already added credits back to cover the following; -)). Recommend accomplishing this in the last day or two of your list of.

Wish that helps – happy selling!

Unique… I didn’t see that coming. Thanks for this. To address your own points in order

1) O . k, if you’re prepared do it, I’ll give the idea a shot to see what happens. Go ahead and write the concept and we’ll no problem it a try (yeah, it told PM it, but I want to ensure that I said it in a way others can discover, since people complete pay attention).

2) It would probably be ported, but I don’t wish to say that it can be since it’s a new custom-formatted database. It’d probably take quite a few programming work.

3) Used to do attempt to publish the Analytics small sample report in PDF format from Economy is shown -> June inclusive, but nothing ever happened. No fault, no nothing. On the looks of that, you guys never got it. But Used to do try it.

4) Thanks for this. I’ll try it to see what happens.

O . k, I tried #4. WE don’t see the actual credits. I see the all the list upgrades, but not the credits anyplace. Is there the spot I must be looking

Appreciate the purchaser service, by just how.

I sold this website on Flippa. But I couldn’t use them again if there was another option. They’re way overpriced for your (very simple) service they supply.

I’m likely to reserve any remaining judgement (although I have given an meanwhile judgement) until I see what happens with the featured upgrade as well as revised title (i. electronic. the customer assistance end). But because auction ends from a week, it will not be long until MY SPOUSE AND I say something.

And I think our new member has figured out that when WHEN I talk around the following, people have the tendency to hear.

We plan to surprise; -)

Have got updated your concept.

Upon analytics, check out the original post on this subject at http: //flippa. com/blog/verify-google-analytics-attachments/ Otherwise fall a line to be able to our support individuals and they’ll be able to help.

Delighted selling!

O . k, I just re-emailed this dashboard. This is what I sent before.

It doesn’t say what accounts you guys need, though. That might create things clearer. Are you wanting the Visitors Summary Traffic Sources Review Detailed reports Obviously the harder the merrier, women and men dashboard indicates that traffic levels, right

Hello for a second time.

Just confirming that you used the mail address and topic code outlined against your " Add Analytics Stats" internet page (https: //flippa. com/auctions/2627034/attachments/analytics) May take a few moments to be confirmed and appear.

You can see your credit balance from your account profile web site. Select " Pay for Upgrades" and examine the " Listing featured within the front page" selection. Hit checkout and you will probably be shown a price covered by ones accound credits. I’ve already trained with a feature so don’t undertake it for another day or two I’d say (notice this since featuring ones listing views and the volume of users watching your listing formerly increased by 25% which will typically translates to be able to bids closer to the end of your auction).

Yeah, i did. WE copied/pasted them.

May it matter which will Analytics email correct they came, although the account I utilize for SEFL analytics differs from the others from the a single I registered having… I have an odd cause of that, but it’s this reason and I’m not starting it.

Contact address won’t subject (so no description required; -)).

You must ensure that you select PDF as your format. It foreclosures to CSV. Try that and allow us to know how you go.

He’s during sex now. just to let the Flippa individual know

Thanks – still afternoon for people here downunder…


Very good morning TheGAME1264!


It seems as if the verified analytics worked this time around. The auction has 50% far more bids, 150% more ideas and 100% additional watchers than if we began so think we’re from a stronger position these days. Just let the market industry do its position from here on but bear in mind that you’re likely to determine the biggest spike in attention (views/bids/comments/questions) from the last 48 hrs of your listing.

Hope it moves well – let’s know in case you have any more questions over the remainder of a person’s auction.

Yeah, that’s kind of what I have worked. But I did actually repeat this last time aroun

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