Have basic design.. Need Advice

Please click on over and look in the site layout:
http: //www. bowdoinhamsecondbaptist. org/Youthgroup/main. htm
I have used CSS to create the layout (well i acquired it from an additional site) and i want to know how to help make the basic frame standard so i need not recreate every internet page, just change the content in the center section. I would like to keep the very best, the 2 side navs and also the very last container standard, but contain the center easily adjustable. Is this doable

You could use SSI (Server aspect includes) to re-use portions of code which might be repeated on a lot of pages. Have a glance at this tutorial http: //www. splodgy. com/modules/dokuwiki/doku. phpid=ssi_-_server_side_include

It is just a site based about Blue Robot! His / her stuff is good. Make sure to change more in the colors, though–you don’t want him to feel much like the whole world can be copying his site, and you will not want people like me to learn that it was a little quick grab-and-go occupation.

Device Side Includes, or maybe PHP includes, are ideal. They’re very easy to perform, too. Usually it is just a single line of code that may import another html code file (like list. html, for example).

Rely on me, you can do includes. You Will present changes to generate, and you don’t would like to make them with 142 different webpages.

Thanks to both of you. I knew there was methods to do it, but i just couldn’t figure out what i required to do as i am trying to discover css. And yes used to do borrow it by blue robot. I will always give him credit in the code.

SSI were just how i needed. My webhost (d2hosting. com) supports PHP so post used that… MANY THANKS!!!!

I although whole point fo Random world Robot was that folks should copy his code. However, we have a different ways of doing my own layouts that does depend so much to the Tantek hack that will Blue Robot banks on.

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