[HELP] 1 Pixel Offset/Jog on webpage only on "Google Chrome"

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When you go to your website on google chrome, and appear at the site, just below the header, there is a 1 pixel offset/jog plus below the footer, either the same thing.. can you males please help myself fix this It becomes much appreciated.

Guide… Please

Hello there – I will not see an canceled out in Chrome (version HALF A DOZEN. 0. 472. 63) as well as Firefox (version 3. 6. 9) but MY SPOUSE AND I do see them in IE 7 – along at the top it’s suitable between the < div class=" wrap_full header" oldid=" Outer" > as well as < div class=" wrap_full bg_base" > and Allow me to see it around the bottom but POST can’t tell for sure where it is within the code.

I really believe it has related to your divs somehow (what will be the oldid=" Outer" presently there for), or perhaps it is your background images – I wish I can help more but We are at a decline.

I’d really appriciate it when you could help me by it… I see it and I will be on…
Chrome. 8. 0. x. times. x

We’ve Included the information in an accessori.

As much as I want to help you from it, I am not willing to do so at the moment -I have a number of very pressing deadlines coming up within the next two weeks, and because it looks like being a time-consuming search for how to fix it, I can’t go on right today.

Maybe somebody else here has a concept If not, look closely with your images and divs as well as positioning and dimensions of everything.

Best of luck,

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