Help getting a certain navigation

Does anybody know where I’ll get a navigation just like the one at that website. ( Main Navigation) http: //www. checkpointsystems. com/

Javascript if at all possible…


That you can do it with CSS likewise way you will do any fall down menu. You simply need to put a div instead of a secondary number. Positioning of the internal elements will really be the only hard part.

Hmmmm…. I’m slightly lazy today know anywhere I’ll get a supply file

If you know jQuery, it’s simply a matter of creating a hidden div, and also showing it with hover. You should learn jQuery if you can not already All that source files I know dont have extensive menus that way though, just essential list items: /

They are termed as ‘mega menus’, certainly one of a jQuery wordpress extension is:

http: //www. geektantra. com/2009/09/jquery-mega-menu/

Gives thanks! haven’t’ heard from you from a while, again you saved me!

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