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I would really prefer to build a website. I have a domain available, I connect to the server by FTP client. Therefore, basically, I should upload files to have the website managing. I have FrontPage 2000, where We can create simple web pages and upload these folks… But Front Site 2000 doesn’t look like it has many features, and it is apparently very un-user pleasant.

-Can anyone suggest a straightforward builder to replace FrontPage that will work fine in my case
– While i upload a site from my Computer help (using FrontPage 2000) which includes a photo
The website would not display the photograph Any ideas even though I uploaded the image to the images folder about the server

Thank you

Hello, Everyone

To have every dynamic features on your own site will require a knowledge of PHP and
almost certainly MySQL. Even JQuery (javascripting) is more or less a necessity.

Don’t use a WYSIWYG website editor. Learn HTML/XHTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL

Do your coding by hand. Perhaps download a free of charge CSS template (via Google) to get going.

Google will be your best friend in all of this.
Thousands of free tutorial, no cost scripts, free info, free text authors.

To your current problem, give us a link to your website that isn’t doing work properly.


Not sure why I should try to learn all that, when all I wish to accomplish is create a fairly easy website. What happened to all or any the drag plus drop features My organization is not planning to learn to code a webpage. All I am asking if you find an easy builder to produce websites easier when compared with FrontPage

Of course… Weebly – Develop a free website plus a free blog

In addition, your photo isn’t showing because the website is searching for it on your current desktop. Knowing HTML would assist with solve this.

I REALLY LIKE simple websites as well as the clients that ask for them!!!

<! DOCTYPE html>
< html code lang=" en" >

< head>
< meta charset=" utf-8" >
< title> Good day World< /title>
< /head>

< body>
< p> Good day World< /p>
< /body>

< /html>

There you’ve it.

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