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Hi everyone,

My business is currently designing an online site for myself, and I really believe it is going quite nicely. I sent quality link to some mates to discover what they said, and most have been positive.. and then I obtained the replies through the people who work with Safari.
With both Chrome / Firefox your website appears fine (havn’t tested IE however.. ), but on Safari for reasons uknown a grey space appears in the top of your home page.

I have done everything to try and fix this nonetheless nothing seems to work. I also was not sure where for you to post this issue, as I am confused if it’s a HTML/CSS or a Javascripting error.


http: //test2scottshirbin. freehostia. com/home. html document

sorry for twice posting but I’d another look also it looks like safari will be ignoring my length: auto (also tried out 100%) values within the css

Maybe that’s not the situation – have you done a reset in the beginning of your CSS in order to overwrite the browser’s individual settings

No offense to all the work you’ve placed in your site… but
produce a site that is effective on all surfers, without annoying animations.

I think you’re wasting a lot of time on making it work with all browsers.

Whenever you demonstrate some " particular skills", do it over a page where the
site visitor decides to watch it. It looks like you might be swinging toward
HTML5/CSS3, and that is great… but you’ll be required to handle lagging
and also crappy browsers (for most likely another year or so).

That flying-in animation is merely so cheesy and also 1995-ish… I didn’t even
wish to click further in to the site. You own 3D, photoshop, and also other
graphic skills Produce great looking 3D IMAGES static template that may fit nicely
together with any browser/monitor measurement. Tell people concerning yourself, provide a
cell phone number… it can pretty much be done in one page. Make them like an
active business card.. the user only enters an email address and
people send them a thing cool. Less is actually more.

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