Help! Need a file download option after form submission

May any one understand how to add a record download option after a form has been posted, preferably an inline choice.

Are there special conditions that must be met with the particular form
Like they have to verify their contact address or something

What keeps someone from filling out fake information to acquire the download

And what is the download, what kind of file

I see your stage. Well its just a PDF ebook, http: //www. myiwdesigns. com/fintrackw/contact
The one that says get a free ebook. Right now Concerning a wordpress plugin that does the item but, it shows me error sometimes. I would prefer the download to search t there contact address

What is the filetype of your ebook. mob

When the file is stored with your website, in any directory somewhere, you may just use
a fairly easy PHP script to help download it. Once they click on your link, or submit the form,
some sort of dialog box will open " check out or save file". Is that what thinking of

Yes fairly… I was more going for when they fill out and submit an application. the file is usually a PDF file. pdf

Because I don’t have any access for a files, I’m confused where to adhere the script below.
At this time, you have one thing that does the download following email. The script will probably have
to look in a location where it executes following a email is despatched. I don’t knowledge you will determine

You can search this script all on it’s own to test the idea out.
Anyone enter your real PDF filename (and path), after which it the filename you would like the user to discover,
so it’s not necessary to let them know the actual filename.


< php
//  the  real  filename  and  path
$file="/files/pdf/mypdffile. pdf";

//  what  you  want  the  user  to  see
$filename  "fintrack. pdf";

header("Content-Type:   application/pdf");
header("Content-Disposition:   accessori; filename=$filename");
header("Content-Transfer-Encoding:   binary");
header("Cache-Control:   ");
header("Pragma:   ");


I did something like this before together with scripts I’ve seen on the internet. It keeps giving a error concerning " header part already called……. " I’m using WordPress and I’d placed that inside the header. PHP archive above the actually form. Will this give me the same error

Yes it can, it has for being kept to once more.

You can have a link appear only if the email continues to be sent.
If you ever call the very little script " get. php", the link in your WP page
is: < a href=’download. php’> Get the file now< /a>

That link might be enabled with javascript too.

Option 2… after that email is delivered, you redirect to that particular little script.
This has to happen in the script that truly sends the contact.
Following the email sent… before whatever else is displayed…
header(" position: download. php" );

OK ill test that and find out if it works thank you alot.

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