help needed if poss

Hi next time i use an ipad to watch our hosting web page its starts launching then just sales techniques the browser and just wished to know if anyone had a preview why this will happen

PS have tried this upon desktop pc plus works fine with all browsers

You’ll need to tell us all what that web-site is, so you can easlily see it.


Hi sorry the site is here Web hosting service but only closes if you use ipad 1 or 2

PS it only happens around the main site plus client area your forum and web log work fine

Make a safe copy within your files…

Start removing items until it not anymore closes.
Start with the junk below < /html> at the end of your internet page (probably the footer file)

Eliminate parts in areas.
Ultimately, you find which usually part is causing the challenge.
I’m suspicious about this bottom part (the LiveZilla stuff).


Hi its definitely not live zilla tried out it without what the rest do you call junk

Hi just removed the sliders for the main page plus it loaded but you area as definitely not got the sliders so do you find it something related to java

OK… so here’s what I’d do now….

Make a simple 1 internet page (called " test out. html" or something such as that),
where you’ve got the slider list thing. Make it work OK for your normal PC or even laptop.

See if you duplicate the problem on that one page, where it assist iPad 1 or 2.

And then, you can start out narrowing down your part (is it JQuery) that is certainly causing problems.
You possibly can troubleshoot that without worrying in regards to the rest of your blog.

When you discover the issue, you can resume you your most important website and produce the changes necessary.


it only may this on most important site and consumer area the online community and blog get every one of the nav links from your main site making sure that works fine. the only idea that is not similar is the js along with css folders will not be on the online community or blog

If you find flash you could have an issue there too… just stating.

This is many sorted now as well as java and flash also use ipad

don’t see almost any java or flash but glad you have it working

Hi don’t the slides on the home page work towards your ipad ladies work on my own

There is no JAVA in your site and WHEN I don’t see any FLASH with your page….

what I do see is a JQuery Slider ( javascript )… JAVA and JAVASCRIPT have nothing to do with each other… not even close… ( except the name )

BTW… Sarah will be right… FLASH does not play on every Apple Products… but since there isn’t any flash in your site, it’s genuinely a non matter

Loll sorry i forgot it was before jQuery.

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